Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tulsa Oilers goalie Kevin Armstrong in the CHL Chat Room

Here's a look at Tulsa Oilers goaltender Jamie Armstrong when he answered questions from fans in the CHL Chat room recently. He was also named the Goaltender of the Week yesterday for last week. Currently the Tulsa Oilers sit in 2nd place in the Northern Conference just 1 point behind the Colorado Eagles.

Tell us what has been the key to the good start with basically a new team and new teammates, new coach, etc.

I think that you have to understand that every team is in the same position with a majority of new players every year. I think our success early on has to do with everyone doing their part, we have a lot of guys that can put the puck in the net. We're a really good offensive team, its nice to know as a goalie that the guys are going to put the puck in the net for you. I played with Rammer last year and I know what he can do as a coach, has got a winning record and he knows how to put a good team together.

Do you have any game day rituals or superstitions?

Nothing to crazy or out of ordinary. Just the nap, try to relax, watch some TV in the afternoon. When I get to the rink, I'm always doing different things, my rituals is always changing, always adding things in or taking things out, it's never really the same thing,

In your opinion, how does the CHL compare to different leagues like the ECHL and the OHL?

Well I played in the Western Hockey League, I believe that the CHL is kind of a continuation of major junior. The shots are a lot harder here because the guys are older and a lot stronger, but a lot of is pretty similar.

How did the experience playing for the Turner Cup in the IHL help jumpstart your pro career?

I think it was good experience for me to get some pro games under my belt before playing my first full season of pro. I got to learn a lot by getting used to the pro lifestyle as opposed to Junior. Playing on a good team to Muskogen last year gave me a chance to play in the playoffs in the finals, which was a great experience for me as a goaltender.

How is it more challenging to be a goaltender than someone on defense or offense?

Its definitely a unique position, it may not be as physically demanding as someone playing defense or forward because your not taking body checks all night. Its pretty tough mentally, as you have to be completely focused. All your mistakes are under an magnifying glass, its easy to see when a goalie makes a mistake but with that being said, it's a high risk, high reward type of thing because its really obvious when your playing well.

What advice would you give to someone who's new to hockey, I notice that a lot goes on that I miss. I know the rules, but how would you suggest someone who views the game?

That's a question to answer, I really don't know how to answer that.

When you guys are on the road, what do you do during the day to while away the hours before the game.

Usually catch a quick nap at the hotel room, maybe watch some TV. Once when we get to the rink its just like any other game day.

How long have you played hockey?

Since I was 8 years old, I played forward for 3 games and then it was my turn to in the rotation to get into net. I really didn't want to, but was forced. I got a shutout and stuck with it ever since.

What do you enjoy when being involved with the community? And also how is it mentally being a goalie during training camp with so many goalies competing for the number one spot.

It's always nice to do stuff in the community, helping out encouraging kids is my favorite part. In training camp its no different then competing for a win in a game, you're always competing against the guy at the other end. Its all the same, you just have to be focused on what you do and not what the other guys doing around you.

What style of Goalie are you?

I'm a butterfly goalie, typically it seems most guys are these days. Traffic in front of the net always makes things harder. You just got to find your way around it, whetever it be side to side or over the top, do what you can to find the puck.

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