Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Canadaian Jr. A: West Region Update

Here's an update of what's going on in the Saskatchewan and Manitoba Junior Hockey League as we are a month and a half into the season. Look for Updates on the Pacific, Ontario and Atlantic Regions this week.

Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

As we basically 20 games into the season, we have some great battles on the top of both divisions. In the Bauer Conference, the top 4 teams are just 4 points from each other as the Flin Foln Bombers are leading the Conference with a 1 point lead over the Battlefords North Stars who are much improved over last year where they finished 5th place before coming up with a huge upset over the Nipiwan Hawks after winning only 15 games during the regular season.

For La Ronge and Humboldt could be a fight to stay out of the Play In Round as they are tied for 3rd with 20 points as the Broncos are the 3 time SJHL Champions and the 2008 RBC Cup National Champions are hoping to prove that they are still a league and national power house. Down in the bottom of the Conference as the Melfort Mustangs in 5th place and the Nipawin Hawks are struggling with the worst record in the league with at 5-10-2.

Down South, the Weyburn Red Wings are starting to pull away with the Conference with a 6 point lead in the Conference while the rest in the Conference is just separated by 5 points. Currently tied for 2nd with the Kindersley Klippers and Yorkton Terriers are tied with 20 points.

Both teams are hoping that they high flying offense where Jordan Braid and Rhett Bly are among the lead leaders in scoring. The rest of the Conference is just separated by 1 point as the battle for spots 2-5 in the playoffs when they start in March.

League Standings

Bauer Conference

1. Flin Foln Bombers 18 GP 11-5-2 24 PTS 64-45

2. Battlefords N. Stars 17 GP 11-5-1 23 PTS 69-63

3. La Ronge Ice Wolves 17 GP 9-6-2 20 PTS 63-50

4. Humboldt Broncos 20 GP 9-9-2 20 PTS 60-66

5. Melfort Mustangs 17 GP 6-8-3 15 PTS 52-61

6. Nipawin Hawks 17 GP 5-10-2 12 PTS 48-74

Sherwood Conference

1. Weyburn Red Wings 17 GP 11-2-4 26 PTS 60-42

2. Kindersley Klippers 18 GP 11-7-0 22 PTS 67-61

3. Yorkton Terriers 17 GP 10-7-0 20 PTS 49-49

4. Norte Dame Hounds 13 GP 7-4-2 16 PTS 32-39

5. Melville Millionaires 16 GP 7-7-2 16 PTS 60-60

6. Estvan Bruins 19 GP 6-10-3 15 PTS 56-70

Manitoba Junior Hockey League

A huge gap is starting to show in the Addison Division as the 2 Winnipeg teams are on top of the Division with the Winnipeg Saints on top with the South Blues just 3 points behind. Overall, the top 3 of the Addison is going to be very tight as the Selkirk Steelers look to hunt down the Winnipeg teams after winning 6 of 8 in late October before back to back loses to the Portage Terriers on Halloween weekend.

Winkler who's in 4th has been up and down so far after losing 9 of 14 games in October have them in a deep hole right now after what looked like a promising start which included wins over the Portage Terriers and the Dauphin Kings. Steinbach is looking like it's going to a long season after winning 4 of 22 games in the first month and a half of the season.

Dauphin is dominating the Sherwood Division with an impressive 19 wins in 22 games by scoring 106 goals and having a +46 GD at this point in the season. They are going to host the RBC Cup and they are sending a message to Canada that they want to have a great shot of winning on home ice.

Defending champions Portage is on the edge as just 2 points separate 2nd through 4th in the Division as Swan Valley and OCN are looking for the 2nd spot in the Addison Division as the Division Champion is starting to look out of reach. Neepawa and Wayway will be chasing the division as they are struggling to find any kind of form and for Wayway, a -31 GD is going to hinder them all season right now.

League Standings

Addison Division

1. Winnipeg Saints 23 GP 12-7-4 28 PTS 80-67

2. Selkirk Steelers 20 GP 12-7-1 25 PTS 79-55

3. Winnipeg S. Blues 20 GP 12-7-1 25 PTS 67-70

4. Winkler Flyers 22 GP 8-12-2 18 PTS 60-90

5. Steinbach Pistons 22 GP 4-16-2 10 PTS 64-101

Sherwood Division

1. Dauphin Kings 22 GP 19-2-1 39 PTS 106-60

2. Portage Terriers 19 GP 11-5-3 25 PTS 76-56

3. Swan Valley Stampeders 22 GP 12-10-0 24 PTS 83-86

4. OCN Blizzard 23 GP 11-11-1 23 PTS 69-67

5. Neepawa Natives 17 GP 8-8-1 17 PTS 57-58

6. Wayway Wolverines 20 GP 6-13-1 13 PTS 41-72

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