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2010 World Junior Championship Schedule

As we are now under a month to go till the upcoming World Junior Hockey Championship which will be taking place in Saskatoon and Regina in Saskatchewan Canada. I will start posting info such as the schedule, news from the Team USA Camps and the rosters of the different teams as they start coming out in the run up of the tournament.

Canada has dominated the tournament as they have won gold the last 5 seasons dating back to the 2004-2005 season. The USA is the last time a team other then Canada has won gold back in 2004. For the recent WJC Medal for the Americans, you have to look at the 2007 event when they won Bronze when the tournament was hosted in Sweden. Sweden has finished with the Silver while Russia has had the Bronze the last 2 seasons.

Perhaps the most interesting note for the early portion of the tournament, is that they will play Slovakia who knocked them out in the Quarterfinals last year will be their Tournament opener this year.

Tournament Format: 10 teams are divided into 2 groups of 5 in the group stage. After the Round Robin, the top 3 will advance to the knockout stages. The Group Winners will get a QF Round Bye while the 2nd and 3rd place teams will move on the Quarterfinals. The Knockout stages become a single elimination till we reach the Gold Medal where they crown the champions.

For the 4th and 5th Place Teams, they will head into the Relegation Round where they will battle to survive to keep their spot for next season. The 1st and 2nd place teams will finish 7th and 8th overall and keep their spots, while the 3rd and 4th place teams will finish 9th and 10th overall and will lose their spots, they are replaced by the 1st and 2nd place teams from this years Division 1 Tournament.

Tournament Groups

Group A in Saskatoon: Canada, Slovakia, U.S.A., Latvia, Switzerland

Group B in Regina: Sweden, Russia, Czech Republic, Finland, Austria

All Group A Games will be at the Credit Union Center in Saskatoon

All Group B Games will be at the Brandt Center in Regina

Here's the Tournament Schedule so you can get familiar with it now as we get closer to the start of the WJC. I will show the Group A Games first which include the USA and Canada then the Group B Games. Saskatchewan is in the Central Time Zone, so they will be no time zone changes during the Tournament which will make it easy to follow.

To find more info, here's some more websites to follow as we get closer to the start of the championship.


USA Hockey:

Hockey Canada:


Czech Republic:







Tournament Schedule (Group Stage)


A: Latvia VS. Canada 3:00 PM

A: Slovakia VS. U.S.A. 7:00 PM

B: Czech Republic VS. Sweden 1:00 PM

B: Russia VS. Austria 5:00 PM


A: U.S.A. VS. Switzerland 3:00 PM

A: Slovakia VS. Latvia 7:00 PM

B: Austria VS. Sweden 1:00 PM

B: Czech Republic VS. Finland 5:00 PM


A: Canada VS. Switzerland 3:00 PM

B: Finland VS. Russia 5:00 PM


A: Latvia VS. U.S.A. 3:00 PM

A: Canada VS. Slovakia 7:00 PM

B: Austria VS. Czech Republic 1:00 PM

B: Sweden VS. Russia 5:00 PM


A: Switzerland VS. Latvia 3:00 PM

B: Finland VS. Austria 1:00 PM


A: Switzerland VS. Slovakia 3:00 PM

A: U.S.A. VS. Canada 7:00 PM

B: Sweden VS. Finland 1:00 PM

B: Russia VS. Czech Republic 5:00 PM

1/1: Tournament Off Day

Tournament Schedule (Knockout and Relegation)

When we get to the playoffs and Relegation, the Relegation Round Games will all be at the Brandt Center in Regina while the Knockout Round will be at the Credit Union Center in Saskatoon.


Rele: A4 VS. B5 12:00 PM

QFS: A2 VS. B3 4:00 PM

QFS: B2 VS. A3 8:00 PM


Rele: B4 VS. A5 12:00 PM

SFS: A1 VS. QF2W 4:00 PM

SFS: B1 VS. QF1W 8:00 PM


Rele: A4 VS. A4 12:00 PM

Rele: B4 VS. B5 4:00 PM

5th: QF1L VS. QF2L 8:00 PM


Bronze: SF1L VS. SF2L 3:00 PM

Gold: SF1W VS. SF2W 6:00 PM

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