Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Texas Tornado Website Confusion

Their has been some confusion on the Texas Tornado website regarding the upcoming 2 weekend series against the Wenatchee Wild and the Fairbanks Ice Dogs. On the team website, it says that those games are at home, while the point streak website says those games on the road.

Well, I just got this clear up that the Point streak website is correct and the games on November 6 and 7 against Wenatchee Wild and then the games on November 13 and 14 against the Fairbanks Ice Dogs are on the road.

If you look on the color code on the Calender, Those games are in blue, but they should be in gold to mean that they are on the road for those weekends. Later in the month, it also says that the games in Wichita Falls on November 20 and 21 are on the road, however, those game are at the Dr. Pepper Arena. Then during the weekend after Thanksgiving, they return home but those are on the road.

So in all, they are just 2 home games which is the weekend before Thanksgiving while the rest of the month, they are on the road.

Here's the schedule to see the Confusion:

Here's the Texas Tornado Schedule for November

11/6: @ Wenatchee Wild 9:05 PM

11/7: @ Wenatchee Wild 9:05 PM

11/13: @ Fairbanks Ice Dogs 7:30 PM Alaska Time

11/14: @ Fairbanks Ice Dogs 7:30 PM Alaska Time

11/20: VS. Wichita Falls Wildcats 7:30 PM

11/21: VS. Wichita Falls Wildcats 7:00 PM

11/27: @ Wichita Falls Wildcats 7:05 PM

11/28: @ Wichita Falls Wildcats 7:05 PM

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