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Texas HS Update: 1/29

With the final strecth of the regular season coming up in the AT&T Metroplex HS Hockey League, the details for this AT&T Metroplex HS Hockey League All Star Game will be taking place at the Dr. Pepper Arena in Frisco on Febuary 6 as the league will get the chance to feature its best and brighest as the league will feature it's best and for some indvindual players, a chance to impress Junior and College Scouts for different teams across North America.

The number of players from each team will send up to 5 players to league commissioner who will eventully decide who makes the team. As for the coaching staff, it will be determined based on league standings as of New Years Eve. For the Varsity All Star Game, they will be 18 skaters and 3 goalies who each will play a period of the game.

The JV All Star Game will have 12 players and 2 goalies will play in the JV All Star Game.

For the game formats for both the Varsity and JV Games, the Varsity will play 3 18 minute periods with full intermissions. This is get the players a taste of the next level in College and Junior should they get their by playing near full games for this event.

The JV will have 2 30 minute runtime periods where the clock will not stop expect for a few instances, like injuries and that's about it.

The rosters should be announced sometime today as the Varsity and JV All Star Games will be part of a full day of hockey as the Texas Tornado will round out the day that night with a game agianst the Fairbanks Icedogs at the Dr. Pepper Arena.

You can find more info for the AT&T Metroplex HS Hockey All Star Game Here.

As for recent league action, most of the teams have around 6 games left in the regular season as the elite in the Gold Tier have been settled as they will be 3 teams most likely be battaling it out for the League Championship as Southlake Carroll, And Coppell squared off last night as the Coppell Cowboys were able to shut down players like Connor Morrow to beat the Dragons 5-2 with an early goal by Chris Wzolek who scored just his 2nd goal of the year just 2 minutes into the game.

Following goals by Connor Morrow and Aaron Wright late in the 1st to make it 2-1 late in the 1st period. After trading goals again to make it 3-2 late in the 3rd period, Cody Rogers and Peter Dempsey score empty netters in the final minute to put the game away 5-2. In addidition to the goal output, Coppell goalie Derek Wilms who despite splitting time with Fadi Hurtibise, Wilms has an impressive 1.65 GAA and a .929 SV% in his 9 games played this season.

In other action last night throughout the Dallas Area, were Frisco ISD and Dallas Jesuit who helped their playoff chances in impressive ways. Frisco ISD got into the 8th and final playoff spot with a 4-3 win, ending a 5 game winning streak that the Flower Mound Jaguars have had since the return from Christmas Break. Dallas Jesuit had an impressive 5-2 win over Plano West who have which helped them keep the 7th spot in the Gold Tier with 6 games left to play

In the Silver Tier last night, it was a battle of division leaders as Garland ISD and Keller ISD played in an exicting 7-6 win over the Garland ISD Stampede as the Stampede looks to improve their chances of clinching home ice throughout the Silver Tier Playoffs. 7 goals were scored by 5 different players for Garland including Collin Steinmentz who has scored 7 goals in just 6 games played this season.

Keller were able to get a point for the OT loss, but with the OT Loss paired with the 5-0 win over Denton County has helped them get into a tie for 1st place in the West Division. Keller ISD has another Division Leader as they will head to Frisco next week to play FM Marcus who's leading the Central Division and coming off a surprsing 4-1 loss against Arlington Martin last night.

Going into the month of Febaruy, teams will have posititoning for the playoffs in mind as the regular season for most teams in the area will end on March 4 with a handful ending a few days later on March 7.

Here's a look at the current standings and upcoming schedule for the next 2 weeks in both the Gold and Silver Division.

League Standings

Gold Tier

1. Southlake Carroll 18 GP 14-2-2 30 PTS 95-41

2. Allen 18 GP 14-3-1 29 PTS 82-40

3. Coppell 18 GP 13-3-2 28 PTS 69-48

4. Plano West 18 GP 11-6-1 23 PTS 72-48

5. Plano Senior 18 GP 11-6-1 23 PTS 66-50

6. Flower Mound 18 GP 8-8-2 18 PTS 64-58

7. Dallas Jesuit 18 GP 7-10-1 15 PTS 33-52

8. Frisco ISD 18 GP 5-12-1 11 PTS 44-76

9. Mckinney ISD 18 GP 4-13-1 9 PTS 45-104

10. Highland Park 18 GP 3-13-2 8 PTS 32-85

Silver Tier

Central Division

1. FM Marcus 17 GP 11-5-1 23 PTS 95-62

2. Denton Co.
Spartans 19 GP 10-8-1 21 PTS 82-80

3. Grapevine 19 GP 10-9-0 20 PTS 104-94

4. Southlake Carroll 18 GP 7-8-3 17 PTS 45-55

5. Colleyvile Heritage 18 GP 6-8-4 16 PTS 64-82

East Division

1. Garland ISD 18 GP 16-2-0 32 PTS 96-48

2. Rockwall 17 GP 13-3-1 27 PTS 94-71

3. Plano East 18 GP 12-6-0 24 PTS 93-62

4. Richardson ISD 17 GP 9-7-1 19 PTS 71-69

5. Plano West 17 GP 5-11-1 11 PTS 51-83

6. Bishop Lynch 18 GP 2-14-2 6 PTS 31-85

7. Plano Senior 18 GP 1-17-0 2 PTS 28-96

West Division

1. Keller ISD 17 GP 14-2-1 29 PTS 93-46

2. Midlothain 18 GP 14-3-1 29 PTS 82-50

3. Arlington Martin 18 GP 8-9-1 17 PTS 66-64

4. Mansfield ISD 17 GP 7-10-0 14 PTS 47-52

5. HEB-Birdville 18 GP 6-11-1 13 PTS 49-92

Here's the schedule for Early Febuary which includes the All Star Game.


Gold Tier

Plano West VS. Flower Mound 5:30 PM @ Farmers Branch Starcenter

Frisco ISD VS. Highland Park 6:30 PM @ Richardson Ice Training Center

Southlake Carroll VS. Dallas Jesuit 8:15 PM @ Richardson Ice Training Center

Allen VS. Plano Senior 8:45 PM @ Plano Starcenter

Mckinney ISD VS. Coppell 9:00 PM @ Farmers Branch Starcenter

Silver Tier

Richardson ISD VS. Plano East 6:45 PM @ Frisco Starcenter

Mansfield ISD VS. Arlington Martin 7:00 PM @ Euless Starcenter

HEB-Birdville VS. Midlothain 7:00 PM @ Plano Starcenter

Bishop Lynch VS. Plano Senior 7:15 PM @ Mckinney Starcenter

Garland ISD VS. Grapevine 7:15 PM @ Farmers Branch Starcenter

FM Marcus VS. Keller ISD 8:30 PM @ Frisco Starcenter

Denton Co. Spartans VS. Colleyville Heritage 8:45 PM @ Euless Starcenter

Southlake Carroll VS. Rockwall 9:00 PM @ Mckinney Starcenter


All Star Game 1:30 PM @ Dr. Pepper Arena

Silver Tier

Mansfield ISD VS. Midlothain 7:00 PM @ Euless Starcenter*

Plano Senior VS. Plano East 8:30 PM @ Plano Starcenter*

*Expect a Schedule Change due to the All Star Game.


Gold Tier

Southlake Carroll VS. Flower Mound 5:30 PM @ Farmers Branch Starcenter

Plano Senior VS. Frisco ISD 6:45 PM @ Frisco Starcenter

Highland Park VS. Plano West 7:00 PM @ Plano Starcenter

Dallas Jesuit VS. Mckinney ISD 7:15 PM @ Mckinney Starcenter

Allen VS. Coppell 8:45 PM @ Plano Starcenter

Silver Tier

Southlake Carroll VS. Bishop Lynch 6:30 PM @ Richardson Ice Training Center

Plano Senior VS. Arlington Martin 7:00 PM @ Euless Starcenter

Richardson ISD VS. Grapevine 7:15 PM @ Farmers Branch Starcenter

Plano West VS. Garland ISD 8:15 PM @ Richardson Ice Training Center

HEB-Birdville VS. FM Marcus 8:30 PM @ Frisco Starcenter

Midlothain VS. Colleyville Heritage 8:45 PM @ Euless Starcenter

Denton Co. Spartans VS. Keller ISD 9:00 PM @ Farmers Branch Starcenter

Mansfield ISD VS. Rockwall 9:00 PM @ Mckinney Starcenter


Silver Tier

Colleyville Heritage VS. Grapevine 7:45 PM @ Farmers Branch Starcenter

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