Wednesday, January 20, 2010

North and Central move up to 2-0

Just like day 1 of the Top Prospects Tournament, the North and Central win again as they will go up 2-0 which will set up the championship on Wednesday as the North and Central will finish up the tournament. While in the Morning game, it's a battle for 3rd place will be between the South and West as both teams will look to save face and not finish without at least one win in this tournament.

North Division VS. West Division

Five different players lit the lamp for the North as the North Division moved to 2-0 and helped set up the showdwon with the Central for the Top Prospects Tournament today as 3 answered goals from Steve Brancheau, Brent Bain and Brad Fusaro scored late in the 1st and midway through the 2nd period to put them up 3-1 after a quick goal by Kyle Politz put the West up 1-0 just 3:41 into the game.

Then in the 3rd period, the West Division went on a shooting rampage as they put up 20 shots in the period, but North Division Goalie Matt Wichorek was able to fend off the attack especially early in the 3rd period to keep it 3-2.

A goal by RJ Kleiman put the North Division up 4-2 and basically kill off any hope of a West Division Comeback in this game to secure the North Division win. Then with 45 seconds left, an empty netter with Derek Jacobsen ended the game with a 5-2 win and stay unbeaten.

North Division 5 West Division 2 (2-1, 1-1, 2-0)
0-1: Kyle Politz (Pauly, Hilbrich) 3:41 1st
1-1: Rui Encarnarcao (Jacobsen, Clifford) 5:36 1st
2-1: Steve Brancheau (Shkreli, Kleiman) 14:38 1st
3-1: Brent Bain (Klob, Clifford) 10:58 2nd
3-2: Brad Fusaro (Beck, Schreiner) 12:55 2nd
4-2: RJ Kleiman (Shkreli, Mauerman) 10:18 3rd
5-2: Derek Jacobsen (EN) (Mauerman, Encarnarcao) 19:15 3rd

SOG: North 28 West 40

PIM: North 4 MIN on 2 PEN West 4 MIN on 2 PEN

North Matt Wichorek 38 SVS on 40 Shots
West Brandon Jeager 23 SVS on 27 Shots

Att: N/A

South Division VS. Central Division

A 4 goal 2nd period by the Central which was lead by Tyler Klein's 2 goals helped the Central explode to a 5-1 victory and to move up to 2-0 to set up the North VS. Central Game on Wednesday afternoon for the Tournament Title.

After a Jacob Poe goal that made it 1-0 South midway through the 1st period, the South struggled to keep up with the Central when Ryan Bohrer scored the 1st of 4 goals in just over 3 minutes late in the 2nd period to take over the game. Other Central Division goals were scored by Steve Zierke and John Avino late in the 2nd period to help secure the 2nd period lead.

Not much was needed for the 3rd period as the South was just stunned by what happened and as a result, they got off just 3 SOG during the 3rd period. For the Central, the 2nd goal of the night by Tyler Klein gave the Central the 5-1 win to go up to 2-0 and they are ahead on Goal Differental right now.

South Division 1 Central Division 5 (1-0, 0-4, 0-1)
1-0: Jacob Poe (Unassisted) 12:01 1st
1-1: Ryan Bohrer (Klein, Nehring) 13:40 2nd
1-2: Tyler Klein (Bohrer, Clay) 14:17 2nd
1-3: Steve Zierke (Kleisinger, Danford) 16:35 2nd
1-4: John Avino (Cecka) 17:00 2nd
1-5: Tyler Klein (Bohrer) 13:15 3rd

SOG: South 23 Central 31

PIM: South 10 MIN on 5 PEN Central 6 MIN on 3 PEN

South: Evan Karambelas 15 SVS on 15 Shots Dan Sullivan 11 SVS on 16 Shots

Central: Chris Kamal 16 SVS on 17 Shots Ryan Faragher 6 SVS on 6 Shots

Att: N/A

Tournament Standings after Day 2

1. Central Division 2-0-0 4 PTS 9-4

2. North Division 2-0-0 4 PTS 8-4

3. West Division 0-2-0 0 PTS 5-9

4. South Division 0-2-0 0 PTS 3-8

Final Day Schedule

West Division VS. South Division 9:00 AM

Central Division VS. North Division 12:00 PM

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