Friday, January 8, 2010

RGV Forward Zak Mcclellan enters the CHL Chat Room

Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees forward Zak Mcclellan has entered the CHL Chat Room as the Killer Bees forward talks about his life on and off the ice and getting ready for the upcoming All Star Game next week in Laredo. Currently, he has 17 points through the halfway through the season and is a big time forward who likes to use his height to take advantage of his competition. He also talks about some stuff away from the ice, including who the teams best cook, and some interesting comments about practice.

From the Central Hockey League website.

What advice would you give to a youth hockey player?

Advice I would give a youth hockey player... hmm I would say play as many sports as you can. I think one thing parents sometimes think is to dedicate themselves or they will never make it as a pro. And I think if you dedicate your life and time to one sport too young, you really run the risk of burnout. So my advice would be to enjoy other sports along with hockey, work hard on your hockey skills during the year, and then enjoy something like soccer or basketball, whatever you enjoy in the off season. As far as with one skill though I would say skating, no matter how good you are. you can always get faster and stronger with your skates.

What is like playing with the big Joel Irving?

Joel is a big human that's for sure. Its good, he's hilarious too so that's makes it fun to have in the dressing room. He's also played at almost every level of pro, so he knows a lot of situations, and helps us college guys a lot.

What team do you think is the best so far in the Southern Conference this year?

I think the best team so far in the South is maybe Allen, they are big, strong and have a lot of good talent.

Who is the best cook and the best eater?

Wylie Rogers is a good cook!!! He is for sure in a really good zone when he gets in the kitchen. He cooks up some really good dishes! The best eater is a toss up, a couple of the boys can really put some food down; I'd say Goeckner-Zoller might be at the top of that.

What do you hat the most about practice?

That's a tough question, I'd have to say what I don't like is when you get repetitive and can fall in the funk of the same drills. That can really get to feeling like your a robot, and make practice not as much fun as when your doing new drills now and again.

Who is the player you have played with at some point that you have learned the most from?

Well I played with some really good players in college, so I can't really pin point one. But I can say that I learned a lot of really good things while going to Michigan State just playing day in and day out with some really good talent. I was able to be on great teams where a lot of the guys have gone on to play in the NHL & AHL and you can learn a lot by just watching them in practice and working with them. So I'm very fortunate about that.

Has living in South Texas been better or worse then you thought it would be?

South Texas has been a fun experience, Its definitely a lot different from Michigan. I like the weather and the sunshine, but really do miss the change of season. I'm happy to be able to be for a while but can't lie, think my home is always Michigan.

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