Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mike Riberio on his Public Intoxication Arrest

By now, you probably that Mike Riberio was arrested over the weekend at a Plano Sushi Restaurant for Public Intoxication where he and 3 other people including his wife was arrested at the scene just before Midnight on Sunday. Until now, their has been little reaction by anyone on the Stars except for a few short comments made by Riberio himself, as well as Team Head Coach Marc Crawford and Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk. So far, no one else on the team has commented it about.

This morning, both Joe Nieuwendyk and Mike Riberio have commented on the situation that ESPN Dallas' Mark Stepenski put a video of both Joe Nieuwendyk and Mike Riberio what happened Sunday Night and how it probably won't affect his status for the Team's Home Opener on Thursday Night against the Detroit Red Wings and/or Saturday Night's Home Game against the St. Louis Blues.

Even though he probably won't be suspended for this incident. I think sitting him out for a game or two would send a message to the Stars players that something like this won't be tolerant by anyone on the team. Even though it sounds like from the story and the testimony, it was a minor situation at the Plano Sushi Restaurant most likely, whenever the Police are involved, you need to follow their instructions and be sure you can keep yourself under control while your out, no matter where you are or what your doing.

I'm not going to speculate anything about this, but if Riberio has had a problem with alchol promblems. This is a very good time for this be discussed and get the help he needs. If this is just a minor issue, this can just blow over and get a chance to put this thing out of his mind.

Here's a link to the Video Clip that Mark Stepenski of ESPN Dallas put up earlier this week. The Audio is very low so you need to turn it up to properly hear it.

Here's Justin Bourne of the Hockey News commenting on the Riberio Arrest

Here's the Video of Joe Nieuwendyk and Mike Riberio talking about the Arrest

Here's some other Comments made by the Stars Staff on the Mike Riberio Arrest from Sunday Night. Many of these questions came from Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News.

Joe Nieuwendyk
"We are aware of the incident that took place on Sunday Evening. The Dallas Stars take these matters very seriously and we have spoken with Mike about the situation this morning. We will be handing the matter internally."
 "I've talked to Mike Briefly. It's a matter that we as an organization take very seriously, especially when the police are involved. We'll gather the information and handle everything internally."
 "Once we get to hear from Mike and to follow up with the security, we'll get to the bottom of what exactly what went on. Then we'll have a better sense of of where we'll go

Coach Marc Crawford

Does a distraction like this corcern the team?

"No, it doesn't concern us. Joe has already talked to us about the situation and were handling it internally. We've talked to Mike and we'll just keep moving forward. That's the best way to apparoch things, and there's not much more we can say about that.
How Important is Riberio's performance to the Team?

"He's been very good through the pre-season and through the first two games and he's been a big part of the early success that we've had, and I don't see that changing. Mike is focused on the elements that he needs in his game that will allow him to be successful. It's unfortunate, but you deal with it and you move forward."
Mike Riberio

"Something happened, but it's my personal life, and I'd rather keep it like that. I just want to worry about hockey right now."
Does this jeopardize the aura of positivity that you've worked hard to build this summer?

"No, I don't think so. Like I said, it wasn't a big thing. Hopefully, we can put that behind us today and look forward to our game Thrusday and focus about that. I think it's important for us a team to focus on hockey."
You say it wasn't a big deal, can you explain it?

"I wish there were cameras there and they could have scene what happened, I guess a lot of people would have a different opinion of what happened. I'm quite clear in my mind what happened... And I just want to put that behind us today... It wasn't much that happened.
You have worked hard to overcome adversity all summer. Does that help at a time like this?

"I have tried to avoid all of the things that happen around the rink. But like I said at the beginning of the season, the negatives that are going to happen, If i'm not going to play well, I'm going to try to bring the positives and think positive every day. Today, I talked to the boys and I just want to be positive and go into the right direction.

As for other media outlets, their has been basically no mention from the Dallas Stars Website and no one else, including the other players, Ralph and Razor or anyone else has said anything publicly about it. The only other mention of this was Ralph Strangis on his Twitter Page.

I don't know if the team is under orders not to talk about it or what. But we have seen very little about it on other media outlets. Including on the Dallas Stars Website, I bet they waiting to find out more on the arrest before they reveal more info. This is a smart move on the team so fans won't put it out of proportation and fans making premature thoughts about him.

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