Monday, October 18, 2010

Got Dish Network? Pledge to switch and get two free tickets

As you have known for the last couple of months, Dish Network Susbricers have been very fustratred about Dish Network dropping FSN Southwest recently that have you blacked out of seeing the Dallas Stars right now, in addition the Texas Rangers when they were in the home stretch of the Baseball Season. Plus the Dallas Mavericks Games that get going at the end of October.

In addition, your unfortunaltey missing out on Pre-Game and Post-Game Shows of your favorite teams. Plus action from the Big 12, FC Dallas, High School Events and so much more. Now here's your chance to screw Dish Network for what they have done in recent years and get some free game tickets in the meantime. For a limited time, if you pledge to drop Dish Network and switch to another Cable or Sateliate Provider, you can contact TicketMaster and the Dallas Stars where you can pick up 2 free tickets for an upcoming Dallas Stars Home Game of your choice.

Join "Razor Boy" and many of your follow Stars fans to send a message to drop Dish Network.

In addition to FSN Southwest, if they is no deal by November 1, you could lose FOX 4 as well that means no Dallas Cowboys Live Games, plus your Local News and your favorite shows like Glee, American Idol and Anamation Domination on Sunday Nights which contains The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Famiy Guy and American Dad as well.

Here's the links you can find to help you out. The tickets for this offer are limited.

So show that you are mad as hell and your not going to take this from them anymore. BTW, this is not the first time they have done something like this in the recent past.

Razor Reaugh Video and angry letter towards Dish Network

Ticket Promo Codes and Info

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