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Full NAHL Robertson Cup Schedule

With the St. Louis Bandits clinching the final spot for the NAHL Robertson Cup Championship Tournament last night. This year's Final 5 is all set and the schedule is all set with the 4 Division Champions plus the Wenatchee Wild who are hosting this year's tournament up in Wenatchee, Washington. It will be a Round Robin Format where each team playing 4 games. Then after the Round Robin comes to an end, it will be a single game between the top 2 seeds for the League Championship this year.

Last year the Wenatchee Wild finished 2nd in the Round Robin when they reached the Robertson Cup Championship. Then in the Championship ended badly as the team lost in OT to the St. Louis Bandits as they won they 3rd Robertson Cup Championship in a row. The St. Louis Bandits are going to be the hunted this year as the Wild will be looking get some revenge on their home ice and win the teams first ever Championship.

Joining the Wenatchee Wild & St. Louis Bandits who are expected to be the favorites again this year. The Bismarck Bobcats are back in the Robertson Cup after winning the Central Division for the 2nd straight year, but after the Bobcats poor showing where they only win came against North Iowa in Double Overtime, the Bobcats will be looking to players like Jason Fabian and Ryan Jacobsen who are among the playoff leaders in goals. While Dominic Panetta who has 11 assists as the Bobcats sweepet both the Albert Lea Thunder & Owatonna Express in the Central Division Playoffs.

Traverse City is the newcomer this year as the North Stars have won their first Division Title since joining the league 4 years ago. However the question is do they have the defense to keep up as the North Stars came out of a very balanced Division. But the North was thought as a weak division, the team will look to goalie David Strandberg who's played every minute of every game in the playoffs with a GAA of 1.00 and 2 shutouts in the playoffs as the North Stars have beaten the Janesville Jets & the Motor City Metal Jackets who themselves shocked the Top Seeded Marquette Rangers in the 1st Round.

Fairbanks is being seen as this year's long shot as the Icedogs are being the designated West Division Team with the Wild being Tournament Hosts. They will be the long-shot and be the 5th & Lowest Seeded Team in this year's Robertson Cup Tournament.

A tough schedule awaits them out the shoot as the Icedogs will have the first day off then will play the Wenatchee Wild & St. Louis Bandits back-to-back on May 5 & 6. If Fairbanks is going to need a strong team game from everybody, especially from the top players like Matt Millis and Mark Pustin for the Icedogs to have a shot this year.

Here's a look at how the 5 teams reached the NAHL Robertson Cup & how they seeded for this year's Tournament.

#1 Wenatchee Wild (West Division Champions & Tournament Hosts)

#2 St. Louis Bandits (South Division Champions)

#3 Bismarck Bobcats (Central Division Champions)

#4 Traverse City North Stars (North Division Champions)

#5 Fairbanks Ice Dogs (West Division Runner Up)

Wenatchee Wild Road to the NAHL Robertson Cup

Regular Season Record: 45-10-3 93 PTS, 219 GF 125 GA, Finished 1st in the West & Overall

DIV. Semifinals VS. Kenai River: Game 1 5-2 W, Game 2 5-2 W, Game 3 3-1 W

DIV. Finals VS. Fairbanks: Game 1 6-2 W, Game 2 6-2 W, Game 3 7-1 W

Wenatchee Wild Scoring Leaders
Ryan Tilmar 6 GP 8 PTS (6G 2A, +6)
Dajon Mingo 6 GP 8 PTS (2G 6A,+8)
Michael Di Puma 6 GP 7 PTS (3G 4A, +7)

Wenatchee Wild Goaltending
Brandon Jeager 5 GP 5-0 1.84 GAA .889 SV%
Brendan Jensen 1 GP 1-0 1.00 GAA .950 SV%

Full Wenatchee Wild Stats: http://nahl.stats.pointstreak.com/teamplayerstats.html?teamid=137690&seasonid=4578

St. Louis Bandits Road to the Robertson Cup

Regular Season Record: 44-11-3 91 PTS, 211 GF 125 GA, Finished 2nd in the West Division

DIV. Semifinals VS. Texas: Game 1 2-3 L, Game 2 1-3 L, Game 3 1-0 W, Game 4 3-2 OTW, Game 5 3-2 OTW

DIV. Finals VS. Topeka: Game 1 2-1 W, Game 2 6-2 W, Game 3 1-4 L, Game 4 4-1 W, Game 5 5-0 W

St. Louis Bandits Scoring Leaders
Patrick Sheehan 10 GP 9 PTS (0G 9A, +2)
Ryan Belonger 9 GP 6 PTS (3G 3A, +3)
Craig Kitto 10 GP 6 PTS (1G 5A, E)

St. Louis Bandits Goaltending
Tyler Bruggeman 9 GP 6-3 1.65 GAA .933 SV%
CJ Groh 2 GP 0-1 3.05 GAA .852 SV%

Full St. Louis Bandits Stats: http://nahl.stats.pointstreak.com/teamplayerstats.html?teamid=13177&seasonid=4578

Bismarck Bobcats Road to the Robertson Cup

Regular Season Record: 39-11-8 86 PTS, 195 GF 130 GA, Finished 1st in the Central Divison.

DIV. Semifinals VS. Albert Lea: Game 1 4-2 W, Game 2 8-2 W, Game 3 6-1 W

DIV. Finals VS. Alexandria: Game 1 9-1 W, Game 2 5-2 W, Game 3 3-1 W

Bismarck Bobcats Scoring Leaders
Dominic Panetta 6 GP 16 PTS (5G 11A, +10)
Jason Fabian 6 GP 11 PTS (4G 7A, +4)
San Rendle 6 GP 9 PTS (2G 7A, +3)

Bismarck Bobcats Goaltending
Jake Williams 4 GP 4-0 1.75 GAA .930 SV%
Ryan Faragher 2 GP 2-0 1.00 GAA .974 SV%

Bismarck Bobcats Full Stats: http://nahl.stats.pointstreak.com/teamplayerstats.html?teamid=13184&seasonid=4578

Traverse City North Stars Road to the Robertson Cup

Regular Season Record: 33-20-5 71 PTS, 217 GF 172 GA, Finished 2nd in the North Division

DIV. Semifinals VS. Janesville: Game 1 7-1 W, Game 2 4-0 W, Game 3 2-0 W

DIV. Finals VS. Motor City: Game 1 4-1 W, Game 2 5-1 W, Game 3 5-3 W

Traverse City North Stars Scoring Leaders
Garrett Thompson 6 GP 8 PTS (5G 3A, +4)
Doug Clifford 6 GP 8 PTS (1G 7A, +3)
Tim Opie 6 GP 7 PTS (3G 4A, +6)

Traverse City North Stars Goaltending Leaders
Drew Strandberg 6 GP 6-0 1.00 GAA .958 SV%

Full Traverse City North Stars Stats: http://nahl.stats.pointstreak.com/teamplayerstats.html?teamid=36621&seasonid=4578

Fairbanks Ice Dogs Road to the Robertson Cup

Regular Season Record: 32-22-4 68 PTS, 203 GF 182 GA, Finished 3rd in the West Division.

DIV. Semifinals VS. Alaska: Game 1 2-1 W, Game 2 6-4 W, Game 3 4-2 W

DIV. Finals VS. Wenatchee: Game 1 6-2 W, Game 2 6-2 W, Game 3 7-1 W

Fairbanks Ice Dogs Scoring Leaders
Matt Millis 6 GP 5 PTS (4G 1A, -4)
Mark Pustin 6 GP 5 PTS (3G 2A, -4)
Zach Tolkinen 6 GP 4 PTS (1G 3A, -6)

Fairbanks Ice Dogs Goaltending
Joe Phillippi 5 GP 3-2 4.02 GAA .868 SV%
Mike Taffe 3 GP 0-1 4.23 GAA .897 SV%

Full Fairbanks Ice Dogs Stats: http://nahl.stats.pointstreak.com/teamplayerstats.html?teamid=13174&seasonid=4578

Here's the Full Schedule of Games for the NAHL Robertson Cup which begins on May 4. (All Start Times are at PDT)

May 4

Bismarck Bobcats VS. St. Louis Bandits 2:05 PM

Traverse City North Stars VS. Wenatchee Wild 6:35 PM

May 5

Traverse City North Stars VS. St. Louis Bandits 2:05 PM

Fairbanks Ice Dogs VS. Wenatchee Wild 6:35 PM

May 6

Fairbanks Ice Dogs VS. St. Louis Bandits 2:05 PM

Traverse City North Stars VS. Bismarck Bobcats 7:05 PM

May 7

Fairbanks Ice Dogs VS. Traverse City North Stars 2:35 PM

Bismarck Bobcats VS. Wenatchee Wild 7:05 PM

May 8

Fairbanks Ice Dogs VS. Bismarck Bobcats 2:35 PM

St. Louis Bandits VS. Wenatchee Wild 7:05 PM

May 9 (Championship Game)

#1 Seed VS. #2 Seed 5:05 PM

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