Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Your Comments: Mike Modano and Jere Lethinen leaving the Dallas Stars

With the Dallas Stars Regular Season coming to an end on April 10. It's possible we could have seen the end of 2 eras in Dallas Stars History. For both Modano and Lehtinen, it would be the end of the Stanley Cup Era as they are the last 2 players from the team that won the 1999 Stanley Cup in the infamous Triple OT Game against the Buffalo Sabres in June of 1999.

For Mike Modano himself it would be the last of the players who made the move from Minnesota back in 1993. He has every Team Record, he's the All Time USA Scoring Leader in NHL History and has scored 1359 career points in 1459 career games averaging just under a point a game for his career.

It would be a sad to see both of these players leave over the off-season considering all that they have done for their career.

My Question is will both of them be gone, if either Modano or Lehtinen will be back. Or if both will return for next season. Look for the poll question that should be up tonight or tomorrow.

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