Friday, June 11, 2010

2010 NHL Draft Poll: What should the Stars do at #11

Time for another poll question and I would like to get your response. What should the Dallas Stars do with the #11 Draft Pick when the NHL Draft gets underway on June 25 in LA. Should be a forward, Defensemen or a goalie.

Or perhaps attempt to work a trade to get something big like moving up or getting an important part that can help dramatically for next season to return to the playoffs since making the Western Conference Final in 2008.

The draft is 2 weeks away, start looking for draft profiles of some of the high profile players locking to high in the draft as we get closer.

I got a poll questions with 5 different choices. Should the Stars get a Forward, Defensemen, Goalie, trade up or trade down?

You can post here, on my twitter feed at and theirs also the poll question as well

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