Thursday, December 10, 2009

Texas Tornado Hall of Fame

With the 2009-2010 season marking the team's 10th year in the D/FW Area. The Texas Tornado will be a team hall of fame in the works. Fans can vote online on the team's website and at games through February 6, 2010.

After that, the inductees will be honored at the March 20th home game against the St. Louis Bandits. They will be 27 former players that fans can vote for (22 skaters, 5 goalies). Fans can vote for their top ten for the inaugural class, they will add 3 more every year after this season.

From the Team Press Release

Each of the nominees is a testament to the best "best practices on and off the ice. The voting criteria will include: Outstanding players (Great Statistics and Leadership), Team Player (Leadership, work ethic, encouraging), community player (commitment to community service), Post Tornado Career (College/Pro Hockey and education attained) and Fan Favorite and Achievement (Contribution back to the Tornado and personal success).

In the near future, they hope to add people like former owners, the people that helped formed the team and others that have made the team successful over it's 10 year history.

Here's a list of players that are on the list. Good luck to all the players that are on the list.

This is going to be interesting to see who the fans will vote for. With many hockey fans in the D/FW Area being of a younger crowd, I think that the players that have played more recently will have a better shot of getting the votes. Fans can vote once per day and anyone who votes more then once per day from a single IP will be thrown out.

No word on how much the voting totals will be updated during the process.

Here's a link with the bios of of the nominees:

Here's a link to the ballot:

Jason Guerriero, 1999-2001

Jason Deitsch, 1999-2001

Jason Bloomingburg, 1999-2002

Karl Sellan, 2004-2006

Ryan Fuller, 2004-2008

Tom Train, 2002-2006

Geoff Smith, 2000-2003

Brad Cooper, 2002-2005

Billy Mccreary, 2001-2003

Justin King, 2003-2007

Sean Roadhouse, 2005-2008

Bryan Esner, 2001-2002

Jonathan Awe, 1999-2001

Nick Mazzolini, 2003-2005

Luke Flicek, 2003-2004

Dinos Stamoulis, 2001-2003

Austin Miller, 2003-2005

Andy Wozniewski, 2000-2001

Trevor Ludwig, 2002-2004

Billy Skwarczewski, 2004-2006

Brett Blatchford, 2003-2006

Matt Nickerson, 2001-2003


Ron Vogel, 1999-2000

Brandon-Crawford West, 2000-2002

Ben Bishop, 2004-2005

Al Montoya, 2000-2001

Scott Talbot, 2003-2004

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