Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All Star Game Info

American Hockey League

Yesterday was the first day that fans could vote for who they think should be in the 2010 American Hockey League All Star game which will be at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland, Maine.

Unlike the NHL where they have a selection process on who makes the ballot, the A.H.L. has a majority of their players on the roster where the fans can vote for a forward, Defensemen and the goalie for team Canada and Planet U.S.A. which is combination of players from the USA and Europe.

In addition to the voting, fans can register to win different prizes. The grand prize this year is a team signed All Star Jersey and 10 2nd place winners will win All Star Game T-Shirts as well. This year's A.H.L. All Star game will be held on January 18 and 19 in Portland Maine. The voting will go until December 27 at midnight and you can vote on the A.H.L. website.

North American Hockey League

The schedule for the North American Hockey League Top Prospects Tournament which will be from January 18-20 in Ann Arbor, Michigan is now out. Once again, the Tournament will be at the Ann Arbor Ice Cube which is the home of the U.S. N.T.D.P. and will be a 4 team tournament comprised of the Division All Star Teams.

All players will get a chance to play in front of college and pro scouts to some of them haven't gotten good looks yet and would be a great chance to make an impression to play for a college team after their junior career is over.

The number of players that each team will get will be based on how the team is doing in the standings as of New Years Day. So basically, the higher the team in the standings, the more players the team gets. For the 3 5 team Divisions (North, Central, South) They will be 6 players from the Division Leaders, 4 from the runner ups, 3 from the 3rd place teams and then 2 from the 4th and 5th place teams.

In the West Division where they is just 4 teams, 6 players will go from the Division Leaders, 5 from the Runner ups, 4 from the 3rd place team and 3 from the last place team.

In addition to the League Standings, the coaching staff will get a couple of coaches picks to round out the rosters on all 4 teams. To determine the coaching staff, the Division Leaders will get to be the head coach, while the Runner up as of New Years Day will be the Assistant coach.

For the Texas Tornado, look for Jack Prince to be on the roster as he is leading the team in scoring and is clearly the best player on the team. For Wichita Falls, it's going to be a much tougher desicion as the team is struggling, and is currently last in the South Division as they have the 3rd worst record overall in the NAHL. The Wildcats are only above the Albert Lea Thunder and the Kenai River Brown Bears who are tied for the worst record with 12 points.

The Tournament is a 3 game round robin which takes from Janaury 18-20


Central Division VS. North Division 3:30 PM

West Division VS. South Division 6:30 PM


North Division VS. South Division 3:30 PM

West Division VS. Central Division 6:30 PM


Central Division VS. South Division 9:00 AM

North Division VS. West Division 12:00 PM

Look for more info on different All Star Games as we get more info on them.

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