Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Q & A with Fargo Force Chase Grant

A native of Oklahoma City, Chase Grant has had a strong junior career which includes a USHL Clark Cup Championship Final Appearance last spring and a recent commitment to Minnesota State University.

During his career in the USHL, he has been an increasing impact on the team by both a physical presence by registering over 120 penalty minutes in their career and has already surprised his goal scoring totals by scoring 11 goals in just 25 games while scoring just 10 goals in 57 games last season. He will also be looking surprise his assist totals this season with 7 assists while he had 18 last year.

In the playoffs last year, he scored 5 points (3G 2A) including an assist in game one of the Clark Cup Championship Series and in the opening game of the West Division Final against the Lincoln Stars where he scored twice. Long after his career ends, he hopes to be a part of a hockey boom in Oklahoma to tell players that players can have successful careers in a place like Oklahoma where the sport isn't that big.

1. Since Ice Hockey isn't big in Oklahoma, how did you get into the sport living in Oklahoma City?

We had a Canadian Neighbor that got me and my brother into the sport!

2. How were you first noticed by the Fargo Force?

I played for the Dallas Stars AAA team for 2 years and the Force recruited me at the national championship tournament in 2008.

3. After making the USHL Clark Cup Final in the team's first season, did you think that your team overachieved last year?

At the beginning of last year I wouldn't have dreamed of making it that far. By the end of the regular season were so used to winning that a 7-0 start in the playoffs wasn't too surprising to us.

4. How do you see yourself becoming a factor when you arrive at Minnesota State University next season?

I see myself doing the little things to be an impact player and doing whatever it takes to be a positive force for the team.

5. How do you think you can use your influence and success to help improve both the quality and the number of players playing Ice Hockey in Oklahoma?

I think just being one of the few guys that has made it out of Oklahoma to go on and get a scholarship in hockey is a good influence on the kids even though hockey is not big in Oklahoma.

Quick Hits

Best and Worst Road Trip in the USHL?
Best: Lincoln, Nebraska (Lincoln Stars)
Worst: Tie between Des Moines Buccaneers and the Indiana Ice

Thing you miss most about living in Oklahoma City?
My Family and the Warm Weather

What TV or Movie Charcter would make a great hockey player?
HAHA No Idea

How do you get pumped up for a game?
I Usually try to to visualize the game and get a little angry before the puck drops.

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