Wednesday, December 9, 2009

J.P. Levasseur gets in the CHL Chat Room

From The Central Hockey League Website

This is the 2nd player inside the Central Hockey League Chat Room as he answers question from fans. Earlier this week, Colt King of the Rapid City Rush was in the Chat Room recently. Laredo is currently 3rd in the Southern Conference and are looking to close in on the Allen Americans and Odessa Jackalopes in the Southern Conference.

What Work ethics do you do during the offseason to stick in shape on goaltending?

I train five times a week with the training staff of the Anaheim Ducks. They have a great training system in California.

JP, Is your father named Lou? I'm from Jonestown, PA and in the early 70s we had a goalie named Lou Levasseur. He was just awesome for us and won the NAHL Championship

No, my father is named Rene. I heard about Lou Levasseur but he is not in my family.

What is the design on your goalie mask?

It's a chop on top. One side of piece of corn to represent the state of Iowa. and the other side is downtown Des Moines, Iowa where he grew up.

How do you not get tired from being on the feet during the entire game?

You get used to it. I've done this my whole life, all the practices and games. I stay in pretty good shape off of the ice, which makes me in good shape on the ice during the season as well.

Have you ever been in a Goalie Fight?

No, Never in my career.

Who, would you say is the strongest team you have faced in the CHL so far this season?

The Odessa Jackalopes they are a pretty fast and really good team.

J.P. so would you think about Laredo and how different is it from being over seas?

It's different here for sure. I really love it here. It's great because I get to learn a different culture.

Have you ever met J.S. Giguere?

Yes, I'm good friends with him. I attended training camps with him, and he's a really great guy.

What NHL Goaltender did you grow up idolizing and who do you think are the top few in the NHL right now?

I grew up idolizing Patrick Roy. I think the best goalie in the NHL right now is Roberto Luongo.

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