Thursday, October 8, 2009

Canadian Jr. A: West Region from 10/9-11

Here's the matchups for the Western Region Leagues for the Sasktachewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL) and the Manitoba Junior Hockey League (MJHL). Their's a kid from Rockwall, Texas named Nick Lazorko who plays for the Winkler Flyers of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League.

Like all the other regions, I'm only doing the Canadian A Scores on weekends because of all the leagues it covers. Also, I will be alternating between the Pacific and West Regions one weekend and the Ontario and Atlantic Regions on other weekends because of the number of leagues that are involved at this level.

Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL)

October 9

Battlefords North Stars VS. Weyburn Red Wings

Melville Millionaires VS. Yorkton Terriers

Melfort Mustangs VS. Nipawin Hawks

Kindersley Klippers VS. Flin Foln Bombers

October 10

Battlefords North Stars VS. Estevan Bruins

Nipawin Hawks VS. Melfort Mustangs

Kindersley Klippers VS. Flin Foln Bombers

October 11

Yorkton Terriers VS. Melville Millionaires

Manitoba Junior Hockey League (MJHL)

October 9

Steinbach Pistons VS. Neepawa Natives

Winkler Flyers VS. Dauphin Kings

Swan Valley Stampeders VS. Selkirk Steelers

OCN Blizzard VS. Winnipeg Saints

Waywayseecappo Wolverines VS. Winnipeg South Blues

October 10

Dauphin Kings VS. Steinbach Pistons

Neepawa Natives VS. Winkler Flyers

Selkirk Steelers VS. OCN Blizzard

Winnipeg Saints VS. Swan Valley Stampeders

Winnipeg South Blues VS. Portage Terriers

October 11

Winnipeg Saints VS. Winnipeg South Blues

OCN Blizzard VS. Waywayseecappo Wolverines

Nick Lazorko Q&A

Here's a popular feature for the Manitoba Junior Hockey League that they do with different players. It's their Q&A and they recently did it for Native Texas Nick Lazorko recently.

MJHL: Favorite Actress
Nick Lazorko: Eva Mendez

MJHL: Favorite Movie
Nick Lazorko: Miracle

MJHL: Last Movie you Saw
Nick Lazorko: District 9

MJHL: One person you like to meet
Nick Lazorko: Megan Fox

MJHL: Kind of Skates he wares
Nick Lazorko: X-60S

MJHL: Country Music or Rap
Nick Lazorko: Rap

MJHL: Whos Hotter, Venus Williams or Jennie Fench
Nick Lazorko: Jennie Fench

MJHL: What are you driving these days
Nick Lazorko: Huffy Bike

MJHL: Most famous person to come from Rockwall, Texas
Nick Lazorko: Jack Lazorko: Pro Baseball Player

MJHL: Biggest Influence in Hockey Career
Nick Lazorko: His Parents, because of their commitment

MJHL: Best part of living in Winkler
Nick Lazorko: Great Fan Support

MJHL: Favorite TV Show
Nick Lazorko: Entourage

MJHL: Kayne West? Misunderstood Star or Bozo
Nick Lazorko: Complete Bozo

MJHL: Favorite Sport other then Hockey
Nick Lazorko: Golf

MJHL: One thing on your bucket list
Nick Lazorko: A round of golf with Tiger Woods

MJHL: Is Poker a sport or enterainment
Nick Lazorko: Sport

MJHL: Who's Tougher? Brock Lessner or Doug Brown
Nick Lazorko: Brock Lessner

MJHL: Favorite NHL Player
Nick Lazorko: Pavel Datsyyuk

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