Monday, May 17, 2010

USHL Drafts this Week

This week is the 2010 Futures and Entry Draft for the 16 teams in the United States Hockey League to stock up for the future as they begin to build their teams for the 2010-2011 season and beyond. Usually they're 2 but with the addition of the Muskegon Lumber Jacks from Michigan and the Debuque Fighting Saints from Iowa, they're going to be 3.

First up the expansion draft where all 14 current USHL Teams have to put up a certain number of players that the new teams can pick from. The ones that don't get picked will return to their respective players.

The rest of the league gets going on Tuesday with the Futures Draft. The Futures Draft is for the top 16 year old players in the country that come from different travel and High Schools teams from all over the USA.

Most of these players aren't going to be ready for the USHL for at least a year as a lot of them will be put on an Affiliates List where these players are protected and can't be traded or anything like that. 16 Year old Players will be on this list for 3 years to give them time to develop and get them ready for their Junior Careers in the USHL

The rest of the players will get drafted on Wednesday in the Entry Draft. This is for everybody else that wasn't in the Entry Draft as well. These players have a much bigger age group to choose from. Even though the age groups aren't formal, just about all of these guys are aged 16 to 18 in the Entry Draft.

A lot of these players have a much better chance of playing Juniors for the next season, for those that are not yet ready to play will be placed either on the Affiliate List or the protected list where for about 2 weeks, no player movement will be allowed.

They are several Southwest based players in the USHL Entry & Futures Draft that will find out their fates later this week. Some of them were in the USHL Scouting Combine for the Futures Draft on Tuesday. All of them were for the Futures Draft which is on Tuesday that was Orlando Park, Illinois last week.

Here's some other links regarding this weeks drafts in the United States Hockey League.

USHL Scouting Combine Lists:

USHL Futures Draft FAQ's:

USHL Entry Draft FAQ's:

Here's a list of players that were in the USHL Scouting Combine that will be in the Futures Draft from Southwest Area Teams.

D: Ty Walls 6'0" 155 5/2/1994 Dallas Stars U16

F: Alex Cromwall 6'2" 174 5/14/1994 Dallas Stars U16

F: Ryan Mcmurphy 5'10" 155 4/1/1994 Dallas Stars U16

F: Tanner Karty 5'9" 183 8/24/1994 Dallas Stars U18

F: Qyinton Vitek 5'10" 180 10/13/1994 Dallas Alliance U16

F: Gabe Whiteman-Jones 5'9" 172 10/28/1994 Dallas Ice Jets U16

G: Matthew Macinnis 5'11" 140 Dallas Stars U16

F: Chris Gregor 6'1" 170 Dallas Alliance U16

I'm currently looking up info for other players from around the Southwest who may have a shot at getting selected this week. For the Dallas Stars Elite Hockey Club, Eric Silverman told me to watch for three players in particular in the Entry Draft.

These are Christian Frey, Greg Johnson and Tyler Hote as top players to watch for the Entry Draft with the best chances of playing Juniors next year. We will find out Wednesday to find out where they could be going.

I'm currently looking into other area teams like Dallas Alliance and the Dallas Ice Jets to see who else from around here could be playing Juniors next year.

Here's the links to the different team websites where these players are playing for right now.

Dallas Stars Elite Hockey Club:

Dallas Alliance Hockey Club:

Dallas Ice Jets:

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