Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hamilton still up 2-1 after 2, Climie keeping Texas in it

The Texas Stars better think Matt Climie tonight for keeping them in this game. Despite the 2-1 scoreline through 2 periods, the Bulldogs are out-shooting the Stars 34-11 through 40 minutes and it felt like for a few minutes, the ice was tilted in the Texas Zone as the Stars didn't even get their first shot off until nearly midway through the period.

The Arrival of P.K. Subbann and Ben Maxwell are making a huge difference in this game as Subban has been on the ice for both goals and assisted on Max Pacioretty's goal early in the 2nd period to make it 2-0.

Just when you thought it was going to be Hamilton's night, Ethan Graham scored his 2nd goal of the playoffs to make it 2-1 and for now at least, things have at least calmed down a little bit to give the Stars some hope for the 3rd period.

Hamilton out-shot Texas 19-6 in the 2nd period and just one penalty has been called against Texas on a night where the refs are clearly letting them play tonight.

Will Hamilton's momentum put them in the Final or can Texas find a way to end Hamilton's barrage and get back in this game to possibly force OT again or even win it in the 3rd period. We will see in the 3rd period tonight.

It's the final period for somebody tonight, who will be the hero tonight?

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