Monday, May 10, 2010

Puck Podcast May 8 Episode

On this week's Puck Podcast Episode. The main discussions is on the 2nd Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs as the 4 series are beginning to reach their midway point. San Jose has also clinched the first of the Conference Finals spots. Theirs also some news on the Phoenix Coyotes ownership and it's failure to make a deal. Could a move of the team be just a matter of time now? What teams could be interested, Kansas City, Seattle, Portland maybe Quebec City or Hamilton as well.

Also a new Guinness World Record was broke at the IHWC Tournament Opener between the USA & Germany. And an unusual apology to a Vancouver Canucks player. All this and so much more as Dan Moriarty fills in for Doug as this week's co-host with Eddie Garcia.

5/8 Episode:

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