Friday, May 7, 2010

NAHL Robertson Cup Day 3

Here's a look at how Day 3 of the Robertson Cup Round Robin. Bismarck is looking strong towards a championship. While the Wenatchee Wild are becoming the tournament's big surprise as the Ice Dogs have beaten both top seeds as the Ice Dogs will look to take advantage of the wins as they will play the red-hot Bobcats today.

Traverse City North Stars VS. Bismarck Bobcats

The Bismarck Bobcats went to 2-0 and are starting to look be a very dangerous Robertson Cup Contender after 5 unanswered goals put the Bobcats up 5-0 before Bismarck eventually won 6-1. To lead the Bobcats with a goal and 2 assists was Casey Kleisinger which takes his total to 4 PTS (1G 3A) for this tournament and 12 points overall for the playoffs.

Other's that had great games included Dan Weissenhofer who scored his first playoff point and Sam Rendle's 2 assists takes him to 6 points in this tournament following his hat trick in the tournament opener against St. Louis back on Tuesday.

With Wenatchee having problems by losing 2 one goal games, a win against the host Wild could be enough for them to clinch a spot in Sunday's League Championship Game.

Traverse City's only goal of the game came in the 2nd period from as Doug Clifford scored late in the 2nd period to prevent the team from getting shutout. Things got worse as Paliafito couldn't find a way to keep his momentum going when they beat the Wild 5-4 on the opening day.

With a 1-2-0 record with just one game left against Fairbanks on Friday, the North Stars are in a very tough spot to advance to the Championship Game in their first trip to the Robertson Cup.

Game Boxscore

Traverse City North Stars 1 Bismarck Bobcats 6 (0-3, 1-2, 0-1)

0-1 BIM: Dan Weissenhofer (PP) (Rendle) 2:12 1st

0-2 BIM: Gavin Hartzog (Unassisted) 8:43 1st

0-3 BIM: Ryan Jacobsen (Danford) 16:02 1st

0-4 BIM: Nick Jensen (PP) (Kleisinger) 4:52 2nd

0-5 BIM: Jason Fabian (PP) (Rendle, Kleisinger) 14:13 2nd

1-5 TRC: Doug Clifford (Jean) 15:49 2nd

1-6 BIM: Casey Kleisinger (Mckenzie, Mccarthy) 12:38 3rd

Game Stats

PP: TRC 0/6 BIM 3/6

SOG: TRC 21 BIM 30

PIM: TRC 14 Minutes on 7 Penalties BIM 24 Minutes on 8 Penalties

Goalies: TRC Chris Paliafito 24 SVS on 30 Shots BIM Ryan Faragher 20 SVS on 21 Shots

ATT: 1170

3rd Star: Ryan Faragher (BIM)

2nd Star: Sam Rendle (BIM)

1st Star: Casey Kleisinger (BIM)

Fairbanks Ice Dogs VS. St. Louis Bandits

Another close win for the Icedogs was the result of a back-and-fourth game as neither team was able to gain total control of the game as the game was tied at 1-1 at the 1st intermission. Then in the 2nd period as Tyler Voigt scored the first of two goals in the game as he also scored the game decider 8 minutes into the 3rd period.

For Fairbanks this puts them with a chance to be this year's big surprise in the Robertson Cup Championship as a win over 1-2-0 Traverse City could put them in the Championship Game on Sunday. After an impressive win over Wenatchee on the opening day, the North Stars have struggled by getting out-scored 10-2 against both Bismarck and Wenatchee the last 2 games.

Wenatchee is in trouble as the Wild are 0-2 with just 2 games left against the toughest teams left in the tournament as they will play the Bobcats & Ice Dogs in the 2nd half of the Round Robin Portion of the tournament as the tournament has just 2 days left in the Round-Robin.

St. Louis is having problems of their own at 1-2-0 with the hopes of winning a 4th straight Championship are slipping away. With just one game left on Saturday, they will need a win and get some help from Traverse City & Bismarck as a possible tie for 2nd may be their only hope of advancing to Sunday's Championship.

Game Boxscore

Fairbanks Ice Dogs 4 St. Louis Bandits 3 (1-1, 2-2, 1-0)

1-0 FBX: Brock Carlston (Waggoner) 2:11 1st

1-1 STL: Craig Kitto (Olszewski, Kalisz) 19:12 1st

1-2 STL: Joe Kalisz (Unassisted) 0:42 2nd

2-2 FBX: Tyler Voigt (Aide) 16:57 2nd

3-2 STL: Chris Ciotti (PP) (Raley, Sheehan) 18:07 2nd

3-3 FBX: Jared Larson (Michlke) 19:59 2nd

3-4 FBX: Tyler Voigt (PP) (Politz) 7:56 3rd

Game Stats

PP: FBX 1/3 STL 1/5

SOG: FBX 22 STL 26

PIM: FBX 10 Minutes on 5 Penalties STL 6 Minutes on 3 Penalties

Goalies: FBX Joe Phillippi 23 SVS on 26 Shots STL 18 SVS on 22 Shots

ATT: 1072

3rd Star: Craig Kitto (STL)

2nd Star: Joe Philippi (FBX)

1st Star: Tyler Voigt (FBX)

Tournament Standings after Day 3

1. Bismarck 2-0-0 4 PTS 11-4

2. Fairbanks 2-0-0 4 PTS 7-5

3. St. Louis 1-2-0 2 PTS 10-10

4. Traverse City 1-2-0 2 PTS 6-13

5. Wenatchee 0-2-0 0 PTS 6-8

Day 4 Schedule

Fairbanks Ice Dogs VS. Traverse City North Stars 2:35 PM PDT

Bismarck Bobcats VS. Wenatchee Wild 7:05 PM PDT

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