Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2010 Stanley Cup Final: Philadelphia Flyers VS. Chicago Blackhawks, make your picks

With the Stanley Cup Finals now set to go on Saturday Night, it's now time to make your picks for the Stanley Cup Champions for the 2009-2010 season. From the West, the Chicago Blackhawks who using the speed and talent of players like Patrick Kane, Patrick Sharp and Jonathan Toews as the Blackhawks stormed through the season by winning the Central Division and finishing 2nd in the Western Conference by winning 52 games during the regular season.

During the playoffs this year, the Blackhawks had a few issues with Nashville before crushing them late in the 1st round, beat Vancouver in 6 and sweeped the San Jose Sharks.

As for the Philadelphia Flyers, they have taken the underdog role as the Flyers crushed the Devils in 5 games, the 2nd round saw the Flyers become only the 3rd team in history to comeback from 0-3 down to beat Boston in 7. Then saw the Flyers finally solve Jarsolv Halak, Michael Cammalleri and company to end the 8th seeded Canadiens run by winning in 5 games.

The Flyers can play a very physical game with players like Chris Pronger, Daniel Briere and Jeff Carter. Does Philadelphia have the physicality to slowdown the Blackhawks speed, or does the speed and scoring ability will be to much for the Flyers to handle? We will find out on Saturday when Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final gets underway.

But first, here's a look at how the Philadelphia Flyers & Chicago Blackhawks got to the Stanley Cup Final.

#2W Chicago Blackhawks

Conference Quarterfinals VS. Nashville: Game 1 1-4 L, Game 2 2-0 W, Game 3 1-4 L, Game 4 3-0 W, Game 5 5-4 OTW, Game 6 5-3 W

Conference Semifinals VS. Vancouver: Game 1 1-5 L, Game 2 4-2 W, Game 3 5-2 W, Game 4 7-4 W, Game 5 1-3 L, Game 6 5-1 W

Conference Finals VS. San Jose: Game 1 2-1 W, Game 2 4-2 W, Game 3 3-2 OTW, Game 4 4-2 W

#7E Philadelphia Flyers

Conference Quarterfinals VS. New Jersey: Game 1 2-1 W, Game 2 3-5 L, Game 3 3-2 OTW, Game 4 4-1 W, Game 5 3-0 W

Conference Semifinals VS. Boston: Game 1 4-5 OTL, Game 2 2-3 L, Game 3 1-4 L, Game 4 5-4 OTW, Game 5 4-0 W, Game 6 2-1 W, Game 7 4-3 W

Conference Finals VS. Montreal: Game 1 6-0 W, Game 2 3-0 W, Game 3 1-5 L, Game 4 3-0 W, Game 5 4-2 W

Stanley Cup Finals Schedule (All Games start at 8:00 PM EDT/7:00 PM CDT)

Game 1, 5/29: @ Chicago NBC, CBC, RDS

Game 2, 5/31: @ Chicago NBC, CBC, RDS

Game 3, 6/2: @ Philadelphia Versus, CBC, RDS

Game 4, 6/4: @ Philadelphia Versus, CBC, RDS

Game 5, 6/6: @ Chicago NBC, CBC, RDS

Game 6, 6/9: @ Philadelphia NBC, CBC, RDS

Game 7, 6/11: @ Chicago NBC, CBC, RDS

With the schedule and contenders now known, it's time for some picks. I would to see your picks to win. Also vote in my Poll, and its who will win the Stanley Cup?

Who wins and in how many games?

Who or what is the X-Factor?

Who will be the Playoff MVP?

You can either respond here or on my twitter page at

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