Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stanley Cup Game 6: Can Chicago Skate the Cup Tonight?

With tonight's Game 6 being tonight in Philadelphia, the Cup will be in the house as the Blackhawks have a chance to win their First Stanley Cup in nearly 50 years. The big story going into this game tonight is that Michael Leighton will be the starter tonight despite having a bad 1st period by giving up 3 goals in just under 6 minutes late in the 1st period that lead to Chicago's 7-4 win on Sunday Night.

Other things to watch tonight include is how will Chris Pronger comeback after having a -5 in the last Game. Flyers Coach Peter Laviolette told reporters on Tuesday saying that is he is very confident of a Game 7 coming up on Friday Night and the Blackhawks are looking to finish the playoffs off in style.

With Philadelphia's strong ability to win games at home which includes a GAA of over 2.50 better at home then on the road, this game means everything tonight for the Flyers who are looking to push a Game 7 on Friday Night in Chicago. The Flyers also need to find a way to neutralize players like Patrick Sharp and Patrick Kane who have been the biggest keys to this series.

Here's a look at the Flyers results compared Road to Home and you can see how many goals the Flyers have given up on the road. Especially when you look at the Stanley Cup Finals as this has been one of the highest Scoring Stanley Cup Finals since the early 80s when high scoring games in the Finals were a regular thing.

He has a -2 GD on the road while at home the Flyers improved their Home Record during the Conference Finals when they had 2 shutouts and gave up just 2 goals total in the Eastern Conference Final against Montreal. In 10 home games they are an impressive 9-1 and a +15 GD while on the road they have been a mediocre 5-6 on the road. So the Flyers need to get it done tonight.

My Pick: Chicago wins a low scoring game with Antti Nemi playing the game of his life. And the Blackhawks skate the Cup for the first time since 1961. Patrick Sharp also has one more goal and another big game to win the Playoff MVP Award.

Blackhawks 3 Flyers 1.

Here's a comparison of the Scores from the Flyers Home & Road Games to show you how much the Flyers need to win this one tonight.

Road Games

ECQF VS. New Jersey Devils

Game 1: PHI 2 NJ 1

Game 2: PHI 3 NJ 5

Game 5: PHI 3 NJ 0

ECSF VS. Boston Bruins

Game 1: PHI 4 BOS 5 (OT)

Game 2: PHI 1 CHI 2

Game 5: PHI 4 BOS 0

Game 7: PHI 4 BOS 3

ECF VS. Montreal Canadiens

Game 3: PHI 1 MTL 5

Game 4: PHI 3 MTL 0

SCF VS. Chicago Blackhawks

Game 1: PHI 5 CHI 6

Game 2: PHI 1 CHI 2

Game 5: PHI 4 CHI 7

-2 GD on the Road

Home Games

ECQF VS. New Jersey Devils

Game 3: NJ 2 PHI 3 (OT)

Game 4: NJ 1 PHI 4

ECSF VS. Boston Bruins

Game 3: BOS 4 PHI 1

Game 4: BOS 4 PHI 5

Game 6: BOS 1 PHI 2

ECF VS. Montreal Canadiens

Game 1: MTL 0 PHI 6

Game 2: MTL 0 PHI 3

Game 5: MTL 2 PHI 4

SCF VS. Chicago Blackhawks

Game 3: CHI 3 PHI 4 (OT)

Game 4: CHI 3 PHI 5

Total GD is +15 for the Flyers at home. A difference of 17

Quote of the Day From Philadelphia Flyers Head Coach Peter Laviolette

"I think that when you get to this point, there's a tremendous amount of confidence in your team to win hockey games. They get it and they understand it. If any team gets it, this team gets it, because we've been here so many times."

Here's some of the stories from the NHL Website plus team websites and home towns as Game 6 will start at 7:00 PM on NBC Tonight.

Flyers embrace Game 6 Challenge:

5 Keys for both the Flyers & Blackhawks:

Leighton will start Game 6 for Philadelphia:

Flyers must answer Hawks shock and awe Burst:

Who will win the Conn Smythe?

For Hawks, Game 6 is decidedly different:

Hawks treating Game 6 like an elimination Game:

Antti Nemi needs to step up:,antti-niemi-stanley-cup-goalie-060910.article

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