Monday, June 7, 2010

Note to FSN Southwest: Take the AHL Seriouslly

With the Texas Stars taking the Cedar Park Center Ice tonight for Game 3 of the AHL Calder Cup Finals.

Something weird is missing, Great fans Check, a great shot at the Calder Cup Check, players looking to make a statement that should be on the Dallas Stars in the future Check, TV Coverage Non existent.

For the entire playoffs this year for the Texas Stars, TV Coverage has been non existent during the playoffs as the Stars have beat the Rockford Icehogs, Chicago Wolves & Hamilton Bulldogs in the playoffs.

The Texas Stars were looking to get a TV Deal for the Final but couldn't get a deal in time with several different TV Networks (Mostly in Austin) but because of scheduling and money, it couldn't get done.

This is a message for FSN Southwest to start taking this league seriously. In addition to a team competing for a Calder Cup in their first season, none of the region's three teams (Texas Stars, Houston Aeros & the San Antonio Rampage) were hardly on Television at all during the season with the exception of a couple of games that were set up and sponsored by State Farm Insurance.

If the sport is going to continue to grow and thrive in this area, television is an important part of the recipe. In addition to the 3 Texas Teams, Oklahoma City will be joining the league next year as the Barons will be returning big time hockey to OKC since the Oklahoma City Barons left the Central Hockey League at the end of the 2008-09 season. So that shows you that hockey can and is succeeding in this area.

Unlike leagues like the Junior's or even the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) these players are just one call up away from getting a chance to impress in the NHL that can turn a minor league's dream come true and transform their careers and their lives.

This is the 2nd best Hockey League in the world with some impressive talent with players like Aaron Gagnon, Franchis Wathier plus goalies Matt Climie & Brent Krahn who I think both have great shots of being the Stars Back up next year.

So FSN Southwest, this has been a great team and a great story as the Stars are looking to win the Calder Cup in their first year. To bad many people outside the Cedar Park Center won't get a chance to see it.

Besides, they is not that much sports going in June except for baseball which is a 162 game Marathon and some of the baseball games are a big time grind and can get pretty boring at times. Also with how the NBA grinds out their schedule, most nights the NBA are off and all their games are on ABC for this year's Championship.

Take yesterday's Rangers VS. Devil Rays for example, a game that took 4 hours and 9 minutes. That just shows you how slow the game can be at times. And it was one of the longest games in the history of the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Tonight they have a game at home against a Seattle team that is 22-34 and is already 12.5 games back of first.

It doesn't matter the event or the time of year. A championship Hockey or basketball game should take over any regular season baseball game that doesn't mean that much over the course of a long baseball season while the Texas Stars & Hershey Bears playing for a championship.

So FSN Southwest, if you want to have something that's worth something, make the Rangers play on another network tonight and give the Stars VS. Bears series some love.

This is a critical part of the continuing to grow the sport in the Southwest, this should be a big part. If shows like HS Spotlight and HS Game Time can air stories on High School Hockey when they have events like the League All Star Game or Southlake Carroll playing at Nationals back in April. Then FSN Southwest could find a way to air the AHL Calder Cup Championship.

So in closing, find a way to come up with a TV Deal to cover all 4 AHL Teams to give the teams more publicity and let more people get a chance to see how great the sport of hockey is in this league. Also have some features on local players that are playing Junior's & NCAA that have big time dreams of possibility play pro so more fans can follow their careers and they will get a chance to know them.


  1. The thing is ratings for a June baseball game would be higher than a minor league hockey game. I don't how many teams in the AHL have a full season tv deal. You are in Texas where football is the Dallas Stars (if FSN has the tv deal to carry their games)

    The network you should be going after is the NHL Network which I believe isn't showing the games

  2. The Dallas Stars have had ALL of their Games on TV for the past decade and the FSN Southwest has done a great job of televising game. Not just the game itself, but both a Pregame AND a Postgame where they get comments from both teams and have some great experts which includes former Dallas Star Craig Ludwig over the last couple of years.

    If the game is not on FSN Southwest, then one of the local stations is televising them. So that shows you that FSN Southwest is committed to hockey.

    In addition to the Dallas Stars, a HS Sports Show called HS Spotlight is slowly (but steadily) increased their hockey coverage over the last couple of years. Especially for big events like the League's All Star Game and when one of teams in the D/FW Area made the First Ever HS Nationals.

    So if they can do this, then the AHL should be easy to deal with.