Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mike Modano Poll Question

With Mike Modano now officially released from the team. The new poll question is simply what do you want him to do now with free agency starting tomorrow. Should he play for another team to maybe have one last shot at another Stanley Cup or do you want him to retire as a career long Dallas Star?

I want to hear your comments and post some of your favorite Mike Modano moments in a Dallas Stars Uniform as well.

My Quick Take: Also why on earth was the Mike Modano Press Conference not televised live this morning. Especially on a network like FSN Southwest where they cover the Stars all season long. Well today, were talking about the end of an era and a lot of people would have liked to see it today as people wanted to see what he had to say this morning.

Mike Modano Highlight Video:

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This Question is simple folks.

Should he Announce his Retirement

Sign for another NHL Team

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  1. I'd love for him to retire as a Star, but if he still thinks he can go, he deserves to have that chance.. I am more surprised that Dallas is making a "business" decision and not trying to keep him. He's the face of the franchise.. I'd take another losing season personally to see him hang up his skates as a Star.