Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dallas Stars Press Conference on Modano

A press Conference from GM Joe Nieuwendyk, Head Coach Marc Crawford and Team Staff just started from the AAC in downtown Dallas. You can listen to it on the Sports Radio 1310 the Ticket right now you can listen to on your radio or online at http://www.theticket.com/

When you get on the Ticket Website, find the Green Button on the top of the screen that says "Listen Here".

In addition to Joe Nieuwendyk press Conference, it starting to look like that Mike Modano will be speaking about this sometime tomorrow. As for the TV Stations covering, you better have this televised tomorrow because were talking about the end of an era with one of the greatest players in this cities history. We're also talking about the man that put the sport on the map in this state and especially in the D/FW Area.

Update: Mike Modano will have his press Conference at 10:30 AM tomorrow from the AAC.

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