Tuesday, September 7, 2010

August 28 & September 4 Puck Podcast Episodes

With my trip to Tulsa and Labor Day out of the way now, here's a chance to catch up on the most recent episodes of the Puck Podcast.

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August 28

This week began the Division Previews as the Podcast will preview the Northeast Division as the first Division go under the microscope as the show will take a look at each of the league's 6 Divisions until the start of the regular season on September 8. Also on the show as the IIya Kovalchuk contract saga, a current NHL Goalie that could be facing Jail Time and discussions to possibly start up a Women's Professional Hockey League in Canada and the Northern Part of the USA.

plus Emails, posts and an interesting discussions on which hockey movies would be worth checking out as well for show hosts Eddie Garcia & Doug Stolhand to review.

August 28 Episode

September 4

The Division Previews continue this week with the Central Division being looked at including NHL Powerhouse Detroit Red Wings and the defending Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks.

Also the NHL & NHLPA have come up with new rules talking about long contracts like IIya Kovalchuk, former Dallas Stars Head Coach Ken Hitchcock stopping a Shoplifter in his hometown in BC, Canada. Plus New news regarding the Phoenix Coyotes Ownership Situation.

Plus an interesting power play about some teams banning new media sources like Blogs and Podcasts. Plus the usual emails and posts from listeners as well.

September 4 Episode

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