Friday, August 20, 2010

New Poll Question: Who do you want to Become the new Dallas Stars Owner

With the Forbes Report saying that a possible sale of the Dallas Stars is starting to become more of a reality. Today's new poll question deals with who do you want to see become the team's new owner.

The two main players are both Western Canadian Billionaires in the Western Hockey League as Bill Gallacher (Portland Winterhawks) & Tom Gaglardi (Kamloops Blazers) are going to be fighting each other to become the new owner hopefully by the October 8 Season Opener against the New Jersey Devils and the NY Islanders the next night.

I would love to see either one of these guys owning the team as turning around Junior Teams to their former glory has a huge part of both their resumes and they will be looking to turnaround one of the most successful hockey franchises, not only in on-ice success, but growing the game and being a major part of the city of Dallas. They would both have the ability to bring in big name free agents and make the players, fans and team staff excited to be with the Stars.

The Major Wild Card right now is Mark Cuban where with his forward thinking style and his ability to make the Mavericks a NBA Powerhouse. He would give the National Hockey League a badly needed names to bring some new ideas to help make the game more reverent in the USA on a full time basis. Eventhough he's denied interest in the Dallas Stars, his name keeps coming up and with how close he came to getting the Texas Rangers, they're a lot of reasons why he would be interested in possibly getting involved in the Dallas Stars.

Or it could be someone that we don't know yet that could steal the show and jump in to make things very interesting.

So the Question who do you want to see become the new Dallas Stars Owner?

Bill Gallacher (Portland Winterhawks Owner)

Tom Gaglardi (Kamloops Blazers Owner)

Mark Cuban

Somebody Else

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