Monday, August 16, 2010

Amarillo Bulls Media Notes

As the Amarillo Bulls get ready for their first Junior Season to start next month. Some interesting media notes have emerged about the team's broadcasting rights, a couple of newspaper reports and a recent TV Feature as the team will start their training camp from August 25-31 to officially start finalizing their roster for the NAHL Blane Showcase which will kick off the team's season on September 15 against the Michigan Warriors.

In addition to the Newspaper & Television Reports, the Amarillo Bulls have also announced the ESPN Afflaite in Amarillo will have games on the radio next season. The Radio deal is the most important feature in all this because they getting a chance to have every single game live. And to make it easier for fans to find out about them on a regular basis during the season and that is extremly important that the Amarillo Gorillas had problems doing in their time in the Central Hockey League.

Perhaps the most exciting deal that was struck was last week with the Cumulus Media and ESPN 1440 in Amarillo as the station will broadcast all 58 games during the regular season (Home, Away & Blane Showcase). The games will have a 15 Minute Pregame show to get ready for the game. Then afterwards, a half hour post game show where you can catch up on game highlights, get scores from all over the NAHL plus scores from other NAHL Games and the NHL as well.

Also every Monday Night from 6 PM to 7 PM they will be an hour show where they will interview players and coaching staff members that will be hosted by Denis Puska who's also the Teams Media Relations Head. This show will mostly be at the ESPN 1440 Studios, but on some nights they will head out to Restaurants as fans can view the show and even call in and ask questions.

In addition to the Michigan Warriors, Other opponents that week will be the Fresno Monsters, Pt. Huron Fighting Falcons and the St. Louis Bandits before the team's home opener on September 24 against the Texas Tornado. That's just the beginning of a very busy week that will see them travel to play the Wichita Falls Wildcats on 9/25 and the Corpus Christi Icerays back at home on 9/26 which will get them to know their South Division Bunkmates very early in the season.

No word on when the Training Camp Roster will be coming out as the team will get ready for their first season at the Amarillo Civic Center. Be sure to find the Training Camp Rosters of the Amarillo Bulls as well as the New Mexico Mustangs, Corpus Christi Icerays and the Texas Tornado when they become available.

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