Monday, August 9, 2010

Colin Jacobs Q&A

This is a part of an ongoing series of offseason Q&A's, Coppell, Texas Native Colin Jacobs was asked a series of questions about how he's enjoying the offseason, his thoughts of Mike Modano leaving Dallas and going to Detroit and the importance of this upcoming season as he will start getting ready for the NHL Draft next summer.

He will be looking to continue to bring the physicality, but at the same time, increase his scoring ability where he scored 26 points (13G 13A) in all 72 games played last year and looking to improve his NHL Draft Stock for the 2011 Draft, some experts possibly having him go in the 1st Round.

Seattle finished 9th in the Western Conference where they missed the playoffs by a huge margin with one of the youngest teams not only in the WHL, but in the entire Canadian Hockey Leagues last season.

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Here's the Q&A from the Seattle Thunderbirds.

ST: How would you describe your first season with the Seattle Thunderbirds? And in the Western Hockey League?

CJ: My first season with the T-Birds was a blast to say the least. Even though our record wasn't the best it was a big learning year for all of us. It was a great experience playing against all the top players in North America.

ST: How did playing in the playoffs in the 2008-09 season help prepare you for your first full season in the WHL?

CJ: Playing in the Playoffs helped me prepare quite a bit because I had a little taste of what I was about to get into. I think it helped me quite a bit in the long run.

ST: Do you remember the details of your first Goal with the T-Birds? What did it feel like to get that first goal?

CJ: Yes, I remember like it was yesterday. The Puck was bouncing around in front of the net and I hit it in. It was the biggest goal that I scored during that year and it definitely the most exciting.

ST: What activities have you been doing, besides hockey this summer?

CJ: Just like all the other guys, I have been hanging out with friends, working out, and hanging out by the pool.

ST: What has your workout routine entailed this summer? Are you getting much ice time?

CJ: My workout schedule consists of workouts from Monday through Friday and I'm on the skating treadmill twice a week.

ST: Growing up a hockey player in Texas, you probably saw Mike Modano play a few times. Do you think he will end up with the Stars or play for another NHL Team in 2010-2011?

CJ: As a Dallas Fan, I would love to see Modano stay another year but I think he might end up somewhere else.

ST: How would you rate the season overall last year?

CJ: On a team basis I think all of us young guys learned the little parts of the game which will help us succeed this year and beyond. As an individual I had an alright season at best. I had a few moments but to me last year was more of an learning experience.

ST: Last season you played a lot on a line with two other 16 year olds, Mitch Elliot and Tyler Alos. It looked like you three really started to gel in the 2nd half of the season, was that the case? And are you looking forward to teaming up with them again this upcoming season?

CJ: I am not sure as to why we clicked so soon, but they are solid players and can play the game.

ST: What are your personal goals for the upcoming season?

CJ: My personal goals are to be a more dependable player on both sides on the ice and to be a dominate player on every shift I get.

ST: What did you think the biggest challenge is for this next season for both you and the team?

CJ: I think the biggest challenge for our team would have to be, being ready to play our very best each and every night. For me, it would be playing a bigger role on the team then being a first year rookie.

ST: Who do you see the T-Birds biggest competition this season?

CJ: I think our biggest competition this year will be the Everett Silvertips because of all the off-season deals and returning players makes them a solid team all around.

ST: What do you see your role on the team being this season?

CJ: I want to have a bigger role this year. I want to be a key part of the team and help this team win a championship.

ST: Think you again for taking time to sit down with us and tell about your first season in the WHL. I know a lot of fans are looking forward to the coming season, We'll see you at training camp.

ST: Thanks a lot! See everyone soon.

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