Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Puck Podcast: July 3 & 10 Episodes

Due to the Madness of Mike Modano's Release just before the 4th of July. I haven't gotten a chance to put the last 2 episodes of the Puck Podcast. I was also out of town over the weekend as well where I didn't get the recent episodes on earlier.

Both episodes will have the latest on the Free Agency period as players sign with new teams and different rumors on players that haven't signed yet. Also the frenzy of where IIya Kovalchuk will sign as this year's biggest free agent prize this offseason.

Also on the July 3 Episode, the show's Draft & Scout Expert Mike Murangi helped wrap up the NHL Draft and will tell you his winners and losers from this year's draft, plus a couple of jackass hockey dads who are bringing an idiotic lawsuit against a team in a Junior B Hockey League in Southern Ontario. Plus a rant on the NBA Free Agency that had Eddie Garcia cursing at his television.

The July 10th Episode has Ottawa Senators Forward Mike Fisher getting married to Singer Carrie Underwood, a passing of an NHL Enforcer and an unusual honor for one NHL Star in Manitoba.

Puck Podcast Website: www.puckpodcast.com

July 3 Episode: www.puckpodcast.com/puck-podcast-july-3-2010/

July 10 Episode: www.puckpodcast.com/puck-podcast-july-10-2010/

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