Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Central Hockey League Playoff Format

The Central Hockey League has continued laying out the groundwork for the 2010-2011 season as the playoff format has been announced. For the CHL, unlike staying put or even contracting the number of teams I thought it should have been from 10 to 8.

Instead, the Central Hockey League has announced that the format will be extended to have 16 of the league's 18 teams make the playoffs basically having the same format as the National Hockey League.

Only the 9th and last place teams will end up missing the playoffs this upcoming season as the league will slightly increase the season from 64 to 66 games and the seasons runs from October 15 to March 27. The 2011 Playoffs will begin the week of March 28 this season.

I don't like because this basically guarantees every team a spot in the playoffs unless if your really really bad and they will be to many nothing games throughout the season which can make it dull and not interesting on some nights.

What would I have recommended is no more then 12 teams in the playoffs with the top 6 making the playoffs. The 1st and 2nd Seeded Teams would go automatically through to the Quarterfinals while the #3 VS. #6 & #4 VS. #5 Teams would play each other in the 1st Round. This is basically the same format as the Junior A League in B.C.

With the Conference Alignment and Playoff format now set. The league announced that the 2010-2011 league schedule is set to come out on Friday.

Here's the official CHL Playoff Format from the CHL Website:

  • The Playoffs will have 4 rounds to them. Conference Quarterfinals and Conference Semifinals will be a best of 5 series. While the Conference Finals and Presidents Cup Championships being a Best of 7.
  • The Brackets will remain constant with no re-seeding at any point in the playoffs (Just like in the NBA).
  • Should 2 or more teams be tied at the end of the regular season. Here's how the Tie Breaking Format will go: Most Wins, Head-to-Head between the two teams, then if needed, goals for and goals against.

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