Thursday, July 22, 2010

Puck Podcast: July 17 Episode

Back on the July 17 episode of the Puck Podcast, Eddie and Doug take a look at the on going saga of IIya Kovalchuk as well as some big decisions that have already have been made or have been made by the Chicago Blackhawks.

Also the news that former Dallas Stars Defensemen Darryl Sydor who's going to be on the Houston Aeros Coaching staff and Ottawa's Mike Fisher officially getting married to Singing Star Carrie Underwood. In addition to that, a big interview with Sean Ramjagsingh who's the Producer for the EA Sports NHL 2011 Video Game that will be coming out in September.

July 17 Episode:

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In addition to the regularly schedule Puck Podcast Episodes on Saturdays, you can get updated through the offseason with the Puck Podcast Hockey Minute which is done 3 times a week during the offseason.

This week IIya Kovalchuk made his decision to play for New Jersey, however, shortly after he signed the deal, the NHL Voided the contract saying that underminded the Salary Cap where he signed for a 17 Year 102 Million Dollar Deal.

July 19 Hockey Minute:

July 21 Hockey Minute:

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