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Opening Round of NCAA Playoffs

With the opening Rounds of the CCHA, ECAC & the Atlantic Hockey Conferences now out of the way. Here's a look at how the the 1st Round of the NCAA Playoffs in these Conferences. And how the playoffs for the other Conferences will get going as the CHA, WCHA and Hockey East will be underway this weekend.

Teams like Boston College, Denver and Bemijdi State are expected to be among the favorites to start their jounrey to this year's Frozen Four which in Detroit's Ford Field this season.

As for the Atlantic Hockey, ECAC & CCHA will be playing in the Quarterfinals this weekend. Here's a look at the scores and some quick looks at how the 1st Rounds went this past weekend. I will also show you what the Southwest Players have to look for coming up.

The Big Stories were that it was business as usuall in the CCHA. While in the ECAC, it was nervous times as Rensselaer who just missed out on getting a 1st Round Bye is now gone and Clarkson who was the #12 seed was able to get to OT Twice against heavily favored St. Lawrence.

CCHA 1st Round


#12 Western Michigan 0 #5 Alaska 4 (0-2, 0-1, 0-1)

#11 Bowling Green 1 #6 Nebraska-Omaha 6 (1-2, 0-4, 0-0)

Bowling Green VS. Nebraska-Omaha Gamestory:

#10 Lake Superior 2 #7 Michigan 5 (0-1, 0-1, 2-3)

Lake Superior VS. Michigan Gamestory:

#9 Norte Dame 1 #8 Ohio State 3 (0-0, 0-1, 1-2)

Norte Dame VS. Ohio State Gamestory:


#12 Western Michigan 1 #5 Alaska 4 (1-2, 0-2, 0-0)

University of Alaska Wins Series 2-0, Advances to play #4 Northern Michigan next weekend in the Quarterfinals.

#11 Bowling Green 1 Nebraska-Omaha 6 (0-0, 0-4, 1-2)

Bowling Green VS. Nebraska-Omaha Gamestory:

Nebraska-Omaha Wins Series 2-0, Advances to play #3 Ferris State next weekend in the Quarterfinals.

#10 Lake Superior 0 #7 Michigan 6 (0-3, 0-3, 0-0)

Lake Superior VS. Michigan Gamestory:

Michigan wins series 2-0, Advances to play #2 Michigan State in the Quarterfinals.

#9 Norte Dame 2 #8 Ohio State 8 (0-4, 1-2, 1-2)

Norte Dame VS. Ohio State Gamestory:

Ohio State wins series 2-0, Advances to play #1 Miami of Ohio in the Quarterfinals.

Here's the CCHA Quarterfinal Matchups

#1 Miami of Ohio VS. #8 Ohio State

#2 Michigan State VS. #7 Michigan

#3 Ferris State VS. #6 Nebraska-Omaha

#4 Northern Michigan VS. #5 Alaska

For the most part, it was pretty much straight forward in the series as all 4 series ended in 2 game sweeps as the higher seeded team won in pretty much run away games. Especially Michigan as they outscored Lake Superior 11-2.

While perhaps the biggest surprise was Western Michigan, who despite finishing last in the CCHA Regular Season made the Alaska Nanooks struggle at times as Alaska was only up 4-0 and 4-1 to win the games. But were able to prevent themselves getting blown out in both games in the 2 game series. Fortunaly for Alaska, they were able to get themselves out of the series unscacved and ready for the Quarterfinals.

Norte Dame couldn't muster much against Ohio State as Mathieu Picard took charge in game 1 of the two game sweep with 2 goals in the game. The Next night, Hunter Bishop had a huge night in game 2 as he had a 5 point night, including a hat trick in the game. Next up is an in state rivals Miami of Ohio as the Redhawks have been either on or near the top of the National Rankings all year and the CCHA Lead was never in doubt during the regular season.

Assuming they can win the Conference Championship, they should be fighting it out with the University of Denver for the #1 overall seed in the National Tournament when it starts up at the end of March.

One of the big surprises this year has been Ferris State as they will play #6 Nebraska-Omaha in the Quarterfinals this week. Can the Small School in the Conference take down the Mavericks and advance to the Semifinals and Championship Rounds next week?

Not much in the way of Southwest Based players, but Flower Mound Native Chris Brown did have an assist in game 1 of the series against Lake Superior. How can he do when Michigan plays their arch rival Michigan State next weekend in the CCHA Quarterfinals.

ECAC 1st Round

#5 Rensselaer VS. #11 Brown

Game 1, 3/5: Brown 3 Rensselaer 1 (0-1, 0-0, 3-0)

Game 1 Gamestory:

Game 2, 3/6: Brown 1 Rensselaer 4 (1-1, 0-2, 0-1)

Game 2 Gamestory:

Game 3, 3/7: Brown 3 Rensselaer 2 (1-0, 1-0, 1-2)

Game 3 Gamestory:

#11 Brown wins Series 2-1, Advances to play #1 Yale in the ECAC Quarterfinals next Weekend.

#6 St. Lawrence VS. #12 Clarkson

Game 1, 3/5: Clarkson 2 St. Lawrence 3 (OT) (1-1, 0-1, 1-0, 0-1)

Game 2, 3/6: Clarkson 4 St. Lawrence 3 (OT) (1-0, 0-2, 2-1, 1-0)

Game 3, 3/7: Clarkson 2 St. Lawrence 3 (0-1, 2-0, 0-2)

#6 St. Lawrence wins Series 2-1, Advances to play #4 Colgate in the ECAC Quarterfinals next week.

#8 Princeton VS. #10 Harvard

Game 1, 3/5: Harvard 4 Princeton 2 (0-1, 0-1, 4-0)

Game 1 Gamestory:

Game 2, 3/6: Harvard 3 Princeton 0 (0-0, 0-0, 3-0)

Game 2 Gamestory:

#10 Harvard wins Series 2-0, Advances to play #2 Cornell next weekend in the ECAC Quarterfinals

#7 Quinnipiac VS. #9 Dartmouth

Game 1, 3/5: Dartmouth 2 Quinnipiac 3 (0-0, 1-1, 1-2)

Game 1 Gamestory:

Game 2, 3/6: Dartmouth 6 Quinnipiac 3 (1-0, 3-1, 2-2)

Game 2 Gamestory:

Game 3, 3/7: Dartmouth 1 Quinnipiac 2 (0-1, 0-1, 1-0)

Game 3 Gamestory:

#7 Quinnipiac wins Series 2-1, Advances to play #3 Union in the ECAC Quarterfinals this weekend.

Next Weekends ECAC Quarterfinal Matchups

#1 Yale VS. #11 Brown

#2 Cornell VS. #10 Harvard

#3 Union VS. #7 Quinnipiac

#4 Colgate VS. #6 St. Lawrence

It was anything but business as usuall in the ECAC 1st Round as 3 of the 4 series ended up with a game 3 as we saw 2 major upsets and another near upset.

#5 Rensselaer who came just short of getting a First Round Bye on the final weekend of the regular season last weekend, is now out. #11 Brown used 3rd period heroics with Jarred Smith & Bobby Farnham had goals in just over a minute to shock Rensselaer to put them up 2-1. Then Aaron Volpatti scored an empty netter to put the game away with just over a minute put the game away at 3-1.

One of the biggest things during the 3 game series was that the Defense was able to keep Rensselaer in check after R.P.I. thought they could overlook this series in getting ready for the Quarterfinals where they were looking to play Colgate next weekend.

Game 2 was very different as the game was tied at 1-1. Just like the third period in game 1, Rensselaer fought back with quick goals by Patrick Cullen and Brandon Pirri late in the 2nd period to put them up 3-1 as the R.P.I. Special Teams was fierce in this game, with 2 PP Goals and a 4-on-4 goal as well.

Brown used an Aaron Volpatti goal in 7 minutes to shock R.P.I. in the 1st period despite getting outshot 11-6 in the 1st period. Midway through the 2nd period as RPI went down two men for 46 seconds as Maclellan was skating in a circle cycling a pass from Jeff Buvinow to make it 2-0 at 12:24 into the 2nd period.

Then it was Jerry D'Amigo who made it 3-0 early in the 3rd period as Mike Clemente was big in all 3 games as he stopped at least 30 shots in each of the 3 games to help Brown move on to the Quarterfinals.

Harvard was the ulitmate in third period heroics this weekend as all 7 goals in their 2 game sweep over Princeton last weekend as that could be very useful against what many favor as the favorite to win the ECAC in Cornell who has one of the best defenses in the whole country who gave up just 60 goals during the regular season.

The Series between Clarkson and St. Lawrence could have gone either way despite being a #6 VS. #12 Matchup. With all 3 of the games being a one goal game and two of them being to OT. In game 1, Aaron Bogosian scored the game winner for St. Lawrence as they outshot Clarkson 50-23.

Then the next night in Game 2, Clarkson was able to help out goaltender Paul Karpowich who was one of the big reasons why Clarkson was able to be so competitive in this series, but in the end, it was Jake Morely 6 MIN in OT that kept Clarkson alive and was able to keep St. Lawrence on their toes for game 3.

After Tim Marks and Brandon Defazio were able to make Clarkson go up 2-1 at the end of the 2nd period. Rick Carden and leading scorer Mike Mckenzie helped St. Lawrence and end the threat of Clarkson as they won game 3 3-2 and win the series 2-1.

Can Austin Smith take advantage of a break that was offered when Rensselaer to advance past the Quarterfinals and to help get Colgate back to have a shot of winning the ECAC and get back NCAA Tournament? Find out next weekend when the Raiders host St. Lawrence on the Colgate Campus next weekend. A strong tournament could make the difference between getting a shot in the pros and coming back to Colgate next season.

Atlantic Hockey Play In Round

#10 American Int. 2 #7 Holy Cross 4 (0-0, 2-3, 0-1)

American Int. VS. Holy Cross Gamestory

#9 U-Conn 2 #8 Bentley 1 (2-1, 0-0, 0-0)

Atlantic Hockey Quarterfinals

#1 RIT VS. #9 U-Conn

#2 Sacred Heart VS. #7 Holy Cross

#3 Air Force Academy VS. #6 Army Academy

#4 Mercyhurst VS. #5 Canisius

Here's a look at the CHA, Hockey East and WCHA Conference Playoffs which get underway this weekend.

In the CHA, it's just going to be single elinmation as the #1 VS. #4, #2 VS. #3 then the Semifinal Winners will play each other in the CHA Championship which will be held in Lewiston, New York this season which is the home of Niagara University.

CHA Tournament (From Hamilton, New York)


#1 Bemijdi State VS. #4 Niagara 6:00 PM

#2 Robert Morris VS. #3 Alabama-Huntsville 2:00 PM

3rd Place 3:00 PM

CHA Championship 7:00 PM

Hockey East has the top 8 teams make the playoffs, Northeastern and Providence have been elinmated. One of the big surprises was Boston University coming back to finish 3rd after a luckluster season.

Hockey East Quarterfinals

#1 New Hampshire VS. #8 Vermont

#2 Boston College VS. #6 U-Mass

#3 Boston University VS. #7 Merrimack

#4 Maine VS. #5 UMass-Lowell

While the WCHA will start in the opening round with the University of Denver being near or on top of the National Rankings all season will open up against Michigan Tech. While some other great matchups include Minnesota-Duluth VS. Colorado College and St. Cloud State looks to back up their 3rd seed with an opening round series against Minnesota State.

WCHA 1st Round

#1 Denver VS. #10 Michigan Tech

#2 Wisconsin VS. #8 Alaska-Anchorange

#3 St. Cloud State VS. #9 Minnesota State

#4 Minnesota-Duluth VS. #6 Colorado College

#5 North Dakota VS. #7 Minnesota

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  1. I don't follow college hockey, but I just think it's interesting that the Frozen Four will be played in a football stadium. Ford Field has hosted a Super Bowl (football), a Final Four (basketball), and now the Frozen Four (hockey). How many venues can you think of that have hosted a football game (I'm not talking arena football) and a hockey game? There can't be many.