Thursday, March 11, 2010

Justin Quenneville enters the CHL Chat Room

Corpus Christi Icerays Captain Justin Quenneville has became the latest player to enter the CHL Chat Room to answer questions from fans from all over the country recently.

This season has been a strong showing, especially in the 2nd half of the season as the Icerays are starting to holding on to the 5th and final playoff spot in the Southern Conference. This season for the Icerays Captain has scored 55 points and is 2nd in total team scoring only behind Chad Woolard.

Justin Quenneville Player Profile:

Fans asked him about the recent Olympics and being a dual citizen, a recent trade involving Kyle Beech that's helped out the team. Also the pressure of the playoff picture.

If you play Odessa in the playoffs will it be as physical as it was in the regular season?

I would think so. We have had good battles in the games we have played against each other during the season, which should make for a similar match-up in the playoffs.

Who were you rooting for since you are a dual citizen (U.S.A. Or Canada)?

I'm born and raised in Canada, so I was pulling for my country. However my mother is American, so I looked at this as a win win situation. But definitely wanted Canada to win because of the importance of the gold medal to our country. That game was an instant classic and I wouldn't of wanted it to end any other way.

How different has the play been since Kevin Beech was traded to Corpus?

Its no secret that we have had an interesting year when it comes to finding goalies. We were fortunate to turn things around with the addition of Kevin Nastiuk, but when he left for Europe we needed to fill that void fast. Beech has played great for us and given us a chance to win every night. He has made some huge saves for us and had an immediate impact with our team. Between him and Kris Teebs, we have solid goaltending that we can rely on.

Who has been challenging opponent this season?

Personally I would have to say Odessa given the close one goal battles we have had. But Allen or Bossier-Shreveport and Texas are always difficult teams to play, especially on the road. It would be nice to say teams like Rapid City or Missouri, but we only played them once. Or Colorado, Wichita, and Tulsa, but never get to play against them. I am not even sure a Wichita Team exists, since I have not played them once in 4 years ago I have played in the CHL.

What was it like to step out on to the ice in your very first CHL Game? Were you nervous?

I was not nervous playing in my first CHL Game, since I had already had a few years under my belt in other leagues. If anything, I was confused, since my first CHL Game was a pre-season game in Austin. That building was tiny, the ice surface was smaller and the locker rooms were embarrassing. I don't miss that place at all.

Do you feel that being the teams captain puts the playoff picture on your shoulders as we head into the final weeks?

No, I am confident in my ability to lead my team into the playoffs, and I have all the confidence in my team to continue to play well down the stretch. If you look at our team's progress this season, we are a stronger and more consistent team then we were at the start of the season. It's important for us to be playing our best hockey of the season heading into the playoffs.

What is your pre-game routine like?

To be honest I don't have a pre-game routine. Unlike most players, I don't have a specific meal routine or pre-game nap before games. I have always had a difficult time sleeping on game days. I get too excited or anxious for a game after morning skates, I often trend to just find a way to distract myself on game days. Most game days, after a small meal, I either watch a movie, or when we are at home I go for a motorcycle on nice days to kill time.

If you make the playoffs, what are you most afraid of?

I can't think of a team we wouldn't want to play. There are teams that are tougher to play in their home building then other. In the playoffs there is no easy teams to play against anyways. When the playoffs start all records and points are washed away and team can win, just who wants in more. As a hockey player, you always want to play the best and beat the best.

Your still one of the fastest skaters in the league, do you think your getting faster or have you lost a step?

I don't think I have lost a step. If anything I have noticed that more speed is coming in every year in the CHL. The game has changed a lot over the years, and speed is everything. I take pride in training and look to find ways to improve on things every year, speed being a big one.

Do you remember dirty hits from other teams?

Hockey is such a rough sport and dirty hits happen all the time. Some teams play harder then others and you always have that in the back of your mind when you play a rougher team. The dirty hits are not the ones caused by a split second reaction, rather the ones a player deliberately thinks about and then does it. Although it happens occasionally, there is no room for players like that in our league, and eventually they are weeded out. And yes, you do remember dirty hits from other teams.

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