Thursday, July 9, 2009

Texas Tornado 2009-2010 Schedule

The schedule for the North American Hockey League was revelied a couple weeks ago and here's the schedule for the Texas Tornado when the season starts in Mid-September with the League's Showcase in Blaine, Minnesota.

All Home Games are at Dr. Pepper Arena in Frisco, Start Times will be relased later this summer.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of how the North American Hockey League does the schedule. Way to many games against teams within the division and they will play only a handful of other teams during the year (Mostly at the Blane Showcase). The League needs to find a way to where teams can play more teams around the league during the season. The USHL and the major juniors do a much better job at this and it tiresome playing the same teams over and over, besides, it creates more exictment. The NHL tried this after the lockout and the fans wanted more balance. It's amazing that the fans of the NAHL Teams haven't demanded this for a long time.

I hope to have the Wichita Falls Wildcats Schedule up soon. I will also have teams from the AHL and CHL when those come out.

9/16-9/19 @ NAHL Showcase Blane, Minnesota
9/25 VS. Topeka Roadrunners
9/26 VS. Topeka Roadrunners

10/2 @ Topeka Roadrunners
10/3 @ Topeka Roadrunners
10/9 @ St. Louis Bandits
10/10 @ St. Louis Bandits
10/16 @ Wichita Falls Wildcats
10/17 @ Wichita Fallas Wildcats
10/23 VS. St. Louis Bandits
10/24 VS. St. Louis Bandits
10/29 VS. Springfield Jr. Blues

11/1 VS. Springfield Jr. Blues
11/6 @ Wenatchee Wild
11/7 @ Wenatchee Wild
11/13 @ Fairbanks Ice Dogs
11/14 @ Fairbanks Ice Dogs
11/20 VS. Wichita Falls Wildcats
11/21 VS. Wichita Falls Wildcats
11/27 @ Wichita Falls Wildcats
11/28 @ Wichita Falls Wildcats

12/4 VS. Topeka Roadrunners
12/5 VS. Topeka Roadrunners
12/11 VS. Wichita Falls Wildcats
12/12 VS. Wichita Falls Wildcats
12/18 @ Topeka Roadrunners
12/19 @ Topeka Roadrunners

League Winter Break from December 20-28

1/8 VS. Topeka Roadrunners
1/9 VS. Topeka Roadrunners
1/15 VS. Wenatchee Wild
1/16 VS. Wenatchee Wild
1/22 VS. Wichita Falls Wildcats
1/23 VS. Wichita Falls Wildcats
1/29 @ Topeka Roadrunners
1/30 @ Topeka Roadrunners

2/3 VS. Fairbanks Ice Dogs
2/5 VS. Fairbanks Ice Dogs
2/6 VS. Fairbanks Ice Dogs
2/12 @ Fairbanks Ice Dogs
2/13 @ Fairbanks Ice Dogs
2/19 @ Wenatchee Wild
2/20 @ Wenatchee Wild
2/26 @ Wichita Falls Wildcats
2/27 @ Wichita Falls Wildcats

3/5 VS. Springfield Jr. Blues
3/6 VS. Springfield Jr. Blues
3/7 VS. Springfield Jr. Blues
3/12 @ Springfield Jr. Blues
3/13 @ Springfield Jr. Blues
3/14 @ Springfield Jr. Blues
3/18 VS. St. Louis Bandits
3/19 VS. St. Louis Bandits
3/20 VS. St. Louis Bandits
3/26 @ St. Louis Bandits
3/27 @ St. Louis Bandits

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