Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NHL Free Agents

Today's the 1st day of the Free Agent Signing period and the Dallas Stars have made their first big move by keeping Winger Jere Lehtinen and signing him to a one year contract worth $1.5 Million with some incentives that could total as much as $1 Million dollars for next season. This is a great move for the team as even because of his injuries, he was still able to make an impact by scoring 8 goals and had 16 assists last season while despite a lot less playing time, he's still a staple of the team's success and has found himself helping a lot of the younger forwards starting to become big time play makers on the Stars like Loui Eriksson and Mike Ribeiro.

Don't expect the Stars to get too involved in the free agent market as the Stars with the rooster they have could be close to at least challenge Detroit for the Western Conference Title and possibly the Stanley Cup both last season and this season depending what the roster they will have come October when the season get's underway.

Other Free Agents

Some of the big names to watch for is Marian Hossa going to the Chicago Blackhawks who scored 40 goals for the Detroit Red Wings this past season. This could be the player that could end the Blackhawks Stanley Cup drought since the early 60s. This is a player that has had some bad luck in recent years.

First in 2007, he was with the Pittsburgh Penguins then last year, he signed with the Red Wings to have a stronger shot to win the Cup where both teams lost in the final. Could the anwser be with Patrick Kane and Jonathan Towes in Chicago?

It could definitely be with the offensive duo as they will have a combined 99 goals last year during the regular season. In both speed and the scoring ability the Red Wings, as both Kane and Towes get more experienced, they will give teams like the Red Wings and the Stars to put up a great fight next year out in the Western Conference.

Odessa Jackalope to play in World Series of Poker

Odessa Jackalopes Goalie Jeremy Symington has clinched a seat for the World Series of Poker for the 2nd straight year. Getting in by playing in a series of online tournaments, he has turned his hobby into one that has helped play in some big tournaments over the years and this is his 2nd year in a row to make the tournament and it turns out, hes no push over. He finished 584th out of over 6600 players and won an impressive $23,160 last year and is hoping to do even better this year. The tournament begins on Friday and the 1st round goes till July 6.

To follow the tournament, log on to

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