Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Southwest Quickhits

For you hockey fans, this is the slowest part of the year and I will post some intresting stories of note that have been out for the past few days. A few of them include the departure of Sergei Zubov, the Texas Tornado and Wichita Falls Wildcats schedules for the NAHL Blane Showcase.

Sergei Zubov leaving the Dallas Stars

Since the 1996-1997 season, Dallas Stars Defensemen Sergei Zubov has been the defenseive corner stone of the franchise by becoming a fan favorite and one of the best Russian Defensemen of all time. Since arriving, he has had some impressive stats including an impressive 11 seasons with 30 or more assists, numerous nights where he helped set up players like Mike Modano, Jere Lehtinen, and Brett Hull during big time playoffs and during the different playoff runs, he had 7 assists during the 1999 Stanley Cup Run and then the next year when they got back to the Final, another impressive 19 assists during the 2 Cup Runs.

He also had his best goal scoring years during the 2005-2006 season where he scored 13 goals the year after the lock out and had double digit goal seasons of 5 other occasions during the regular season. He's defenatly going to be missed as a Dallas Stars member and right now, reports are coming out that he's been talking with around 7 or 8 teams. I wish him well in his recovery and given healthy, he's can still do a lot on and off the ice for a team that can be a top 4 defensemen in the NHL.

Texas Tornado and Wichita Falls Wildcats Showcase Schedule

Showcase schedule for the event in Blane, Minnesota from September 16-19 are now out that will open the regular season for both teams. The rink name is the Schwan Super Rink

Here's the website for the National Sports Center in Blane, Minnesota which holds the Schwan Super Rink.

Texas Tornado
9/16: VS. Marquette Rangers 5:00 PM
9/17: VS. Bismarck Bobcats 4:30 PM
9/18: @ Owatonna Express 7:15 PM
9/19: @ Alpena Ice Diggers 1:00 PM

Wichita Falls Wildcats
9/16: VS. North Iowa Outlaws 7:15 PM
9/17: @ Alpena Ice Diggers 1:45 PM
9/18: @ Marquette Rangers 1:45 PM
9/19: VS. Janesville Jets 3:30 PM

In addidition, the Oklahoma University Club Team has announced pre-season games against both the Texas Tornado and the Wichita Falls Wildcats coming up in Early September. In Frisco, The Sooners will be playing the Tornado on both the September 5 and 6 at the Dr. Pepper Arena, as for the Wichita Falls Wildcats will be played on September 13 at the Kay Yeager Coliseum.

Both the Texas Tornado and Wichita Falls Wildcats will play exhitbition games against each other on September 11 and 12. The 9/11 game will be in Frisco while the 9/12 game will be in Wichita Falls. Times for all the pre-season games will be out soon.

In addidition, the full schedule for the O.U. 2009-2010 Season that was just relased. After the preseason games, the regular season will start on September 25. The O.U. Ice hockey team is a division 1 team in the American Collegiate Hockey Association:

American Collegiate Hockey Association:

Here's the website for the OU Ice Hockey Team:

9/25: VS. Lindenwood 7:30 PM
9/26: VS. Lindenwood 6:30 PM
10/9-11: ACHA DIV 1 Showcase in Youngstown, Ohio
10/16: @ Iowa State 7:30 PM
10/17: @ Iowa State 8:15 PM
10/30: @ Indiana 7:30 PM
10/31: @ Indiana 7:30 PM
11/5: VS. Oakland U. 7:30 PM
11/6: VS. North Dakota St. 6:30 PM
11/7: VS. North Dakota St. 7:30 PM
11/13: @ Illinois 7:30 PM
11/14: @ Illinois 7:30 PM
11/20: VS. Mercyhurst 7:30 PM
11/21: VS. Mercyhurst 7:30 PM
11/27: @ Arizona St. 7:35 PM
11/28: @ Arizona St. 5:35 PM
12/4: VS. Central Oklahoma U. 7:30 PM
12/5: @ Central Oklahoma U. 7:30 PM
12/11: @ Lindenwood 7:00 PM
12/12: @ Lindenwood 4:00 PM
1/10: VS. Arizona St. 7:30 PM
1/11: VS. Arizona St. 6:30 PM
1/15: VS. Minot St. 7:30 PM
1/16: VS. Minot St. 6:30 PM
1/22: @ Rhode Island 7:30 PM
1/23: @ Rhode Island 7:30 PM
1/29: @ Liberty 7:30 PM
1/30: @ Liberty 7:30 PM
2/5: VS. Indiana 7:30 PM
2/6: VS. Indiana 6:30 PM
2/19: @ Central Oklahoma 7:30 PM
2/20: VS. Central Oklahoma 6:30 PM
2/26: VS. Liberty 7:30 PM
2/27: VS. Liberty 6:30 PM

ACHA DIV 1 National Championship: 3/6-9 in Chicago, Illinois

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