Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Road to the TAHA Tier 2 State Tournament

With the Texas Amateur Hockey Assocation Tier 1 & Tier 2 State Tournament coming up from February 10-12 in the Dallas Area. The State Tournament Playdowns have been going on over the last few weeks as teams from all over the state to qualify for the Tier 2 State Tournament. They are no qualifiers for the Tier 1 since they are only 2 Tier 1 Status Teams in the Dallas Stars Elites & Alliance Bulldogs and their teams will faceoff in a best of 3 series during the Tournament Weekend.

The Playdowns have been a series of Best of 3 Series with the winners advancing to the State Tournament. Once again, a majority of the teams are from the Dallas Area with a handful from the Houston Area looking to advance to next months state Tournament as well.

Here's the results so far and a brief overall of the series that have taken place so far.


DJHA-Kowal VS. Texas Jr. Brahmas

DJHA-Kowal wins Series 2-0

DJHA-Kowal had no doubt over a majority of the series that they were looking to control the series against the Jr. Brahmas. Dominic Girard had a huge series as he was able to help carry the team with an impressive 6 points in the 2 games (2 Goals, 1 Assist in both games). In addition to Girard, Zach Blair was part of a great start to game 1 where the Stars Selects were able to fire 4 goal periods in both the 1st & 2nd periods to help the Stars Selects run away from the Jr. Brahmas. One of the few bright spots for the Jr. Brahmas was Cole Rose that his physicality which took some penalties to help prevent some scoring chances in the game which prevented the games from being worse.

Dallas Stars Selects VS. Alliance Bulldogs

Dallas Stars Selects Win Series 2-0

The Stars Selects were able to wear down the Bulldogs over the course of this series on all fronts. Especially on defense in Game 2 where after Dylan Isley & Cameron Choate scored in both the end of the 1st and beginning of the 2nd period to get the game tied at 2-2. Then the Stars Selects shut them down in the 3rd as the Stars Selects ran away with a 5-2 win to win the series in a sweep.

Houston Wild VS. DJHA-Pfeiffer

DJHA-Pfeiffer Win Series 2-1

In what was one of the best Qualifiers so far this year, the Wild & DJHA were going back-and-fourth  over the entire series. The best game was Game 2 where it looked like the Wild were looking to win the series in Houston in Game 2 after being up by 2 goals twice at 2-0 early in the game and 3-1 midway through the game. However, a wild early part of the 3rd period as 3 goals were scored in just under 2 minutes to 3-2 Houston Lead to a 4-4 game when Brent Jones scored to tie the game.

After a back-and-fourth 3rd period, Travis Short scored the game winner with just under 4 minutes left to give the DJHA a 5-4 win which forced a game 3. After giving up the lead, it just looked like Houston just wasn't in it for Game 3 as the DJHA Team took advantage of their 3rd period advantages to win 4-1 and take the series in 3 games.


Houston Hitmen VS. Texas Aces

Houston Hitmen wins Series 2-0

The Texas Aces were looking to punch a little bit above their weight class in this series and they did it well in Game 1 where despite not leading for any of the game. They were able to respond to tie it up on 6 occasion's and not being down more then 1 goal after the 1st period. One big part of that was the PP as the Aces were able were able to score 3 PP Goals during Game 1. But despite all the work and effort they were able to keep it close, the Hitmen were able to finally put them away at 2:00 into the OT Period when Weston Shattuck put the game away.

Later that day when Game 2 took place, the Hitmen showed no doubt they were able to pull away in the 2nd period with 3 unanswered goals to go from a 2-1 to a 5-1 game late in the 2nd period to put it away and win the series in two games.

Alliance Bulldogs VS. Texas Tornado

This series proved to be a bit of a miss-match (In part to the Tornado's NAPHL Experience this season). The Tornado made short work of the Alliance Bulldogs as the Tornado out-scored the Bulldogs 20-2 over the course of the two games. Among the leaders for the Tornado was Austin Cox who had 5 goals (3 in Game 1, 2 in Game 2) during the series as the Tornado just crushed the Bulldogs. One of the few bright spots for Alliance was goalie Ryan Odell who during the early portions of the 2nd period, made some great saves to keep the game at 3-1 in the 2nd period and kept it from getting much worse much earlier in the game.


Dallas Ice Jets VS. Allen Jr. Americans

Dallas Ice Jets Win Series 2-0

This Series was not even close and the Ice Jets even kept the Jr. Americans down to just 4 shots for the entire game in game 1.

Houston Wild VS. Texas Tornado

Houston Wild Win Series 2-0

Despite the Tornado using their great defense to control the Houston Wild. The Wild were able to get a critical goal at critical times in both games. First in the opener that went to OT, Ryan Kheir was able to score the 2nd of his 2 goals in the OT just 17 seconds in. He also scored a SH Goal late in the 1st period as well. Then in Game 2, the Wild overcame an early Tornado Goal Christian Moran just 3 minutes in to win a 3-2 game that could have gone either way.

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