Tuesday, February 16, 2010

U.S.A. VS. Switzerland 2nd Period Intermission Update

The Americans followed a strong end of the 1st with a great 2nd period with goals by David Backes and Ryan Malone to make it 3-0 at the 2nd intermission. Everything looked better in that 2nd period, and they may start getting Switzerland on the run right now. In addition to the goals, the U.S.A. were able to outshot the Swiss 14-6 in that 2nd period and by limiting the number of Swiss scoring chances.

On the 2-0 goal, a great save by Ryan Miller helped set a great counter attack where David Backes was able to slip it through Jonas Hiller's pads to make it 2-0. It looked for a moment that Hiller was able to make the save, but with some great hard work. And Backess being able to slip through, the Americans were able to put them up 2-0 just a couple of minutes into the 2nd period. Then midway through the 3rd period, then Ryan Malone helped make it 3-0 to put the Swiss on edge.

Right now, the Swiss are playing to conservatively and seem to afraid to attack right now. If the Swiss are going to make this game, the attack will need to faster and crisper; also the Swiss will need to pick up the physically like they did early in the game.

For the U.S.A., they need to shore up the odd man situations as the Swiss will look to comeback from the 3-0 hole they in right now.

2nd Period Goals

2-0: David Backess
3-0: Ryan Malone

SOG: U.S.A. 14 SUI 6 Total 22-11

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