Tuesday, February 16, 2010

U.S.A. VS. Switzerland 1st period Intermission Recap

After a very physical start to the game, the SUI were looking to prove that 2006 was no fluke. After a bit of sloppy passing by the USA and a failed Power Play Attempt, the Swiss weren't able to convert on any of the chances they had; including a pair they had nearly midway through the 1st period. Then with just under 2 minutes, the U.S.A. Bobby Ryan scored on a goal on a great wrist shot that goes over the glove of teammate Jonas Hiller to score the periods only goal.

For the 2nd period, the U.S.A. needs to match the Swiss Physicality and get better on the crispness of the passes and improve on the PP. Even though they was only 1 PP in the 1st, they couldn't muster much on it. And when the team goes on the penalty kill, the U.S.A. will need to get the puck out quickly as the Swiss are a great passing team and can play well in the neutral zone.

If the Americans get the next goal and get the Swiss get into a strong attacking mode. Then the U.S.A. can really make this a long day for the Swiss, as the counter attack is one of Switzerland's biggest weakness.

SOG: Switzerland 5 U.S.A. 8

1st Period Goals

1-0: Bobby Ryan (Unassisted) 18:35

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