Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's offical: the Duncanville Starcenter will close

As you may know in the D/FW Area, there's been a lot of news in the last few months about the possibility of the Dr. Pepper Starcenter closing and being converted to a Basketball and Volleyball center run by legendary coach Bob Knight. Well today, that fear became official as the Dallas Stars and the city of Duncanville completed a termination agreement worth $2 Million dollars to paid out in 2 payments of $1 Million dollars over the next 2 years.

This is not surprising as this started earlier this year in the spring when Duncanville City Manager publicly criticized the team about not promoting the team and the Duncanville Starcenter not being promoted in the city very well.

Another reason that I think that the Duncanville Starcenter didn't do very well compared to the others is that it was in a bad location in the area where it was very hard to find and wasn't in the best of neighborhood.

Duncanville's Starcenter is located on South Main Street and it's in an area where not much surrounds it which made it very hard to people who wanted to the Starcenter very hard to find it. The trouble started at the beginning of the year when the Starcenter reduced the ice rink to 1 sheet of ice and pretty much eliminated the selection of hockey player and figure skating equipment to reduce cost.

The then remarks by the Duncanville City Manager made this feud one that didn't have a great shot of coming up with an agreement to reduce the amount of the rent that the Stars would pay to use the ice rink.

Here's a message from the vice president of the Dr. Pepper Starcenters Ed Reusch:

As for the building future plans, it's been confirmed that a company helped found and run by Basketball legend Bob Knight is going to turn the place into a Basketball and Volleyball arena that's expected to open in the spring of 2010. The Starcenter's last day of operation will be October 1.

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  1. Hard to find huh? This facility is the most visible of the Starcenters (so said Jeff Cogen). It is ON the highway. It is surrounded by a senior living complex with a fire station just north of that. Oh and the giant church just to the south accross the street. Not a bad part of town I would say. I guess the stripper bar on Pipeline in Euless, 1 block from the sports complex is a better area. There are many reasons the center closed, visibility and crime were not the issues.