Friday, February 10, 2012

Texas Amateur Hockey Association (TAHA) Tier 1 & Tier 2 State Tournament begins today

The State Tournament for the states top travel teams at both the Tier 1 & Tier 2 Levels will get underway this afternoon at both the Farmers Branch & McKinney Stars Centers this afternoon. The U12 Tier 2 Tournament will get the event underway this afternoon at 1:00 PM & 1:15 PM when Houston Wild VS. Texas Aces & McKinney Lightning VS. Dallas Ice Jets gets the State Tournament gets this year's State Tournament going. After that, the Tournament will run in 2 Hour Increment's with the U14's playing at 3:00 & 3:15, the U16's at 5:00 & 5:15, leading up to the U18 Tier 2 Games at 7:00 & 7:15 PM

For the Tier 1 Tournament,  it will be a best of 3 series with the only 2 Tier 1 Status Teams in the State right now with the Dallas Stars Elites VS. Alliance Bulldogs taking place over the weekend. The 1st game of all 3 age groups (U12, U16 & U18) will be taking place at the Farmers Branch Starscenter this afternoon with the U12 Age Group going first at 3:45 PM. That is the start of the Tier 1 Event followed by both the Stars Elites VS. Alliance U16 playing at 5:45 PM & the U18 Series opener at 7:15 & 7:30 PM Tonight.

Tier 2 hopefuls will be in McKinney on Friday & Saturday as each team will be playing a 3 game round robin with the top 2 teams in age group competition for the State Championship on Sunday Morning & Early Afternoon (Depending on the Age Group). Once again this year, with the exception of the Houston Wild U12 & U14 Teams, as well as the Houston Hitmen U16 Team. After the Round Robin wraps up on Saturday Night, the State Championship Games will take place Sunday Morning & Early Afternoon at the Frisco Starscenter.

After a long season, the road to Nationals begins to come into focus

Tournament Links

Be sure to follow for Game Updates on my Twitter & Facebook throughout the weekend. To follow on Pointstreak, select the individual age group; or go to Scoreboard and schedule to see info on every age group throughout the weekend on the TAHA Pointstreak homepage.

Here's a look at the Opening Day Schedule. All Tier 1 Games will be in Farmers Branch, while the Tier 2 Games will be in McKinney.

U12 Tier 2

Houston Wild VS. Texas Aces  1:00 PM

McKinney Lightning VS. Dallas Ice Jets  1:15 PM

U14 Tier 2

DJHA VS. Houston Wild  3:00 PM

Alliance Bulldogs VS. Dallas Ice Jets  3:15 PM

U16 Tier 2

Houston Hitmen VS. Texas Tornado  5:00 PM

DJHA VS. Allen Jr. Americans  5:15 PM

U18 Tier 2

Dallas Oilers VS. DJHA-Kowal  7:15 PM

DJHA-Pfeiffer VS. Dallas Stars Selects  7:30 PM

U12 Tier 1

Alliance Bulldogs VS. Dallas Stars Elites  3:45 PM

U16 Tier 1

Alliance Bulldogs VS. Dallas Stars Elites  5:45 PM

U18 Tier 1

Alliance Bulldogs VS. Dallas Stars Elites  8:00 PM

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