Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Special Commentary: Keep fighting the way it is

This week in the NHL GM Meeting in Naples Florida, one of the biggest issues their talking about is the leagues fighting rules. Well I have news for them, you need to keep fighting the way it is. One of the biggest myths in the sport is that they will be able to nearly eradicate fighting away from the game without major changes to the sport. One of the big rule changes their considering is to give a a 10 minutes misconduct to a so called staged fighting where for the most part it would come just after a face off. If they were to put major restrictions or ban it all together, you would have a lot more incidents like the Todd Bertuzzi sucker punch in 2004 and the Chris Simon stomping incident in 2007. Fighting is needed as a important part of the game to keep the sports goons from getting out of control, not only ruining the sport but give the sport an image that the sport could never recover from.

It's amazing that Todd Bertuzzi is still allowed to play in the NHL where he only got suspended for the last 25 games of the 2003-2004 season that year. He had to file to return to the league after the lockout, he got in without much of a challenge and their was spouse to be a trail in British Columbia, but it has never happened and to me it's never going to happen. Playing for the Canucks while the Colorado Avalanche have gotten very little compensation (If any at all) to replace Steve Moore who's career basically ended with that play. This guy should have been banned for at least a full season, later he should have had a chance to get back in the league with much more scrutiny and to make sure he wouldn't do anything like this ever again. Even though he has been playing well since the lockout, he ended Steve Moore's career and that's something that should never forget about it.

The Chris Simon incident was a stomping incident that he used his blade that could have sliced his body open and possibly killed him if it's bad enough. Simon has been nothing but a talentless goon in the game. Unlike Bertuzzi, Simon's career stats include only 144 Goals and 161 assists in his career and has only played in 38 NHL games in the league since the stomping and probably justify ended his usefulness in the NHL and his hockey career overall.

If the fighting is ever taken out of the game, not only will they make the game more dangerous, but they would take a part of the game that's been around as long as the sport itself.

In some other leagues around NA, the QMJHL has it where fighting will get you a $100 fine and a game suspension. I could understand the junior leagues trying to curve it because these are young players hoping to make it to the NHL. However, it doesn't matter what level or age group you talk about, Fighting is never going to be totally rid of the game for good, No matter what the leagues try to do, to me it's not worth the time or the effort.

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