Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's the future of the Duncanville Starscenter?

In recent months, the Duncanville Starscenter has had a huge slowdown in business which has forced one of the ice rinks to be taken out, which makes it the only Starscenter in the D/FW Area to have one ice rink while the others in the area have 2. The Dr. Pepper Starscenter in Duncanville has been opened since October of 2000, when the team and the city of Duncanville have signed a 25 year deal to operate the Starscenter. The last couple of months, the city has listen to different companies that would like to take it over if the Duncanville Starscenter has to close, the deal that may be the most promising is a company that would convert the Starcenter into a basketball faculty.

Back in the spring, Stars President Jeff Cogen went to the city and told them that it hasn't been working out. However, the city responded that one of the reasons that the relationship hasn't worked is because the team hasn't promoted the Starscenter in the southern part of the Metroplex like they have with the others including the new Starscenter which will open up in Mckinney coming up this fall.

So if the Duncanville Starscenter closes, how will it affect area players and teams from places like Duncanville, Arlington, and Mansfield?

Will for one thing, they will have to find another place to play, most likely either the Euless Starscenter or the Parks at Arlington Mall where they only have one ice rink their. It would affect the AT&T Metroplex High School Hockey League for players and teams that live in that area and travel teams would probably would have to reduce the number of teams and players that are involved because of rink availability.

The Dallas Stars said that the Duncanville Starscenter will remain open for now with just 1 rink unless a deal is done with another company to either to renew the promotion strategy with the Duncanville Starscenter or if another company reaches a deal to take it over. However, the Dallas Stars and the city of Duncanville did say that it would everything possible to keep the ice rink open right now.

I'm hoping that the the team and Duncanville can repair this situation and renew a strategy that can keep the Duncanville Starscenter open and keeping it busy so that different sports from ice hockey to Speed Skating to continue to thrive all across the D/FW Area.

Here's the story from WFAA TV: www.wfaa.com/sharedcontent/dws/news/localnews/tv/stories/wfaa090824_mo_starcenters.111ff8e89.html

Dr. Pepper Starscenter Website: www.drpepperstarcenter.com

Opening of the Mckinney Starcenter

Recently, the city of Mckinney has announced an update on the progress of the new Starcenter which is about to open up in Mckinney which will most likely be sometime in October. This would be great timing knowing that most hockey seasons will be starting up around their. The Stars announced that they just started accepting applications for different positions. For the most part, the Starcenter will be like the others for the most part with 2 ice rinks, full pro shop with both team apparel and equipment, a viewing area, snack bar and is also near the Michael Johnson Performance Center and the Copper Fitness and Spa.

It will be adjacent to the ballfields and it will be around 80,000 square feet of space in the Craig Ranch area of Mckinney. I will provide more details, especially when the Starcenter opens up in the Fall.

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